Thursday, July 19, 2012

submarine fools you never dissolved

speaking to one's ex-lover one asks
how the submarines have been
how the garden grows
if the dog has yet dissolved
into a pool of indeterminate colour
that spread everywhere
for such things cannot be
even with ex-lovers

over tea and in the hearing
of the coughs from above
one looks tenderly at the slugs
that have formed from the liquid chaos
on the flagstones
in the unlit kitchen
where you drink this tea
and wonder if your children
are upstairs dying
tied to beds
covered in applications
of carnivorous slugs

it's unlikely, but you don't know

the dogs run loose
attacking neighbours
the treehouse falls down
while you chatter

everything is beautiful
you leave reassured
yes, you think, yes
she loves me still

somewhere up there a dead cow
that fell from an aeroplane
is falling towards your roof
you will be in bed by yourself
when it hits
nothing will you know

Mad Louie is coughing tonight
he lives over the Hall
six foot tall
filled with coughter
ain't gonna stop
5 years tall and all bad through
full of love and bad

himself falling from a skyplane
like a cow

wish I could stop him barking harking
crazy shit
hacking up his bunksoup
his eyes popping in sleep

much love to Louie on this near night
all the lavender all around
never heards such coofing
medicined up too.can't fix it now

sure enough gonna bring the bunks down
clapsing like fools you never oh listen
glisten again bells the bright bells

in the mornings now there are no deer



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