Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the much longer low-lighted other end of love (for Sharon)

[i]may your mind be wide open
may your heart lead you on
borne by the wonderful[/i]
—Tim Booth

upon departures a drowned cat a huge purple lung
of a thing in the memory
the crying and gasping of all that

all its futures that tiny silent infant
strange now how strange, how distant to the heart
that despite
it is so much
will always

may your heart lead you on
may all your lights be stronger
hence undreamable, wild sometimes
may the woods unfold before

voices forever quaking, uncertain
now certainty has grasped
trust this only
that your heart again
is divided and sure

[of your two tiny giants]

unstoppable in its compass
unending, filled anyway

(may that same Eastenders Happy Mondays Dusty Miller
Stone Roses M62 Sunny Brow webuyanycar dot heart)

may it lead you
lead you always always on

so many brinks
which up to
yes, yes

all your lovely, your dreadful

shine on

Monday, July 30, 2012

Buddhism 88mm cannon

had it with that house
round the back
voodoo house blocking
out the sunset
found a Flugzeugabwehrkanone
88mm death machine on eBay
take your house to Oz
to Disneyland
to near Hell
1944 with provenance
gonna set up in the garden
take some time
then yeah get elevated
these things will do 90 degrees
take out a tank
you scattered all over the hill, still twitching in bits
man I love
this Buddhism

first the entire roof
comes off
like Stalingrad, like samadhi
I almost feel lifted
second the whole mid-section
any pets in there are running, burning
the shit raining down
after you
gonna take out the house next door
all of it just because it's bad

I am happy now, enlightened
in the garden
starting to understand
through the smoke
and the world rocks again



pornography will dry your skin
will make you cracked and yellow
how you doing baby?
oh you know I am a wadi starved of rain
bats have filled me have shit everywhere
in my caves
I am as all this as a bottle left out
down at the end
of the way back
fucking bats
stink hanging there
stick your arm in
to the elbow
lie in it
sleep in it
your dead place
your dead epidemic place

does my cock look big in this?



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus bouncing

2003 hotel in Glasgow
back after the night out down at the bar
on whatever street
Jesus is wasted naked pissing all over the floor
in his hotel room
left the door open the fat night guy
comes around looks in
oh god he says oh god oh god
in that worthy Scottish
Jesus turns around says oh fuck sorry
Jesus has a reasonable body, not great
but you know, pretty trim
not muscular really but maybe some wiry stuff
and he is naked and pissing
and the Scottish night guy is saying oh god oh god
eventually Jesus gets bored with this and starts to scream
wah he screams
this goes on for a while
the Scottish guy panics
runs back to the reception
gets the ancient Claymore off the wall
comes running back down the corridor
Wah, screams creeping Jesus, Wah!
mad Scottish fucker takes his whole head off with one swing
the head of the living god bouncing down the wet corridor
down the stairs
out the door
run over by a late night taxi
almost an explosion—plop bang kinda
driver almost stopped
wondered anyway
what it coulda been

yeah only Jesus bouncing


drive on, drive on
the lights are bright
and the river sure does tinkle
in this mist


Saturday, July 28, 2012

recent changes everything

France when he made that reply this has led to a massive need
for the event the word of god suggests to help you owe virtually so numerous a need
from our encounter it is pr... (it can be difficult finding and using)(big pony observing)
................................you are surrounded from our encounter 
Recent Changes: 
user: Yuerdhieht
user: sings52ew
user: jwsnlhmdht 
and following this: it is in these times when you need to ask
Do You Have This Prosperity-Blocking Disease?
you think it is your job to save the whole world

here are some signs you may have:
france when he made that reply with eyes too small
polo ralph lauren femme but new section
new section falling eastward veering later
big wheels were not necessarily extreme given that
the pushchair has come a long way memorable and actually romantic in being—

(in the great rock candy mountain
all the yachts have fluffy tails
and they sing on a reach from each to each
on a voice that luffs their sails)

but more as some old Sarstedt shoving all the people around
in the depths of you and me how it goes no one knows maybe
hate the white man harping on...
(God-displacement pumps have tiny leakage)
you will find various forms of ladies' bags
in which magnets are used for healing the body
[the therapy is quite old but has behoove along)

it is actually rather difficult to select


Monday, July 23, 2012

dead cat on road

says for fuck's ache that is the last time
I will listen to this
looks at them while they sleep
then sets the room on fire
jumps out the window, lands
in the convertible next to the wild girl
with the wild eyes
you sure about all this she asks
all wild and ready
yeah he says too late anyway
his eyes also wild
like a bomb they are gone
their laughs behind them
far behind in the smoke

the eruption when the bomb
in the kitchen hatches, the cat
in the kitchen thrown far out
almost catches up with the car
down the dead road afar
laughing as it flies
through its gone-fly-eyes

yeah she says, settling back
looking out
into the deep bad toxic


the otter's tale

the only reason he's relevant
is he has no real life
to write about
all head chakra, pneumatics, and nothing below
bellow then;
write about kumquats you don't know


blue giants

all over the coverlets pixies
are dancing
have we woken into a new world
so suddenly? look again
feel the needles dig into that

this is the same world
tilted through dark loam
where dogs on Sunday and mad packs
of illegal smokes through the catwoods
[ska ska not ska]
smoked through rivers but not

like this, like this
with her hands in your hair
all the air says things the air
has no rest for, which
the window the darkness

the white lawn of a bed
is this now illness or just
some prophecy
always upwards? over the snow-
staggering blue giants
coming on, coming on

air-lit other forever bluebell waft
harebell garlic down now down
flying like eider ever-down

Sunday, July 22, 2012

dead lighters flaming

that human stench
I have slept, have woken
are they still there, in power
has the world changed
no one has a dog that they would not kill
if it changed into a dog
squirrels can be cannibals
last night


das boot

oh this life yeah is a U-boat unsure whether
to surface you evil and fixed in your hard place
four-packs going cheap at the Spar
one squeak only
such disasters lately have come upon us
that we know not whither to turn
surely our Protector has turned from us
He now occupies Himself with frivolity
on the reach-beaches of Miami and Black Pool
such indignities as we now face

after all this can you?


a long rope

that greyness
grey thAT
the mallards and Canada
battleships.on Wednesday Brimham
tea at the flux.ice cream at the dancing bear
red wall
halcyon days
rough wall
hatter's groove
samphire we ate from the farm shop
milk spilt in the car that now reeks
what about him erupting tomato soup
see if anything will clean that off

if you wanted
with children
salty they said, but nice
I will bring a long rope

the upstairs room
the slam
the decision for no locks
let him frolic

rain but let it
the elephant samphire salty as the Dead Sea
reeling with monsters
have you no doubt or imagination

it really is this time
for killing monsters
it really is not this time
for killing monsters

no, don't prescribe, don't ever
just ask


Friday, July 20, 2012

children out of the grey-blue

out of the grey-blue
everything changes
they just come in one day
shove you around
threaten to take your children away

but no
bombs cannot fall
this world cannot change
we just can't get to code 5
on the IBM punch cards

yes and no
there is no and has never been
a god

your right to think so is a constructive denial
of my human rights
my god will be in touch



genes are now registered intellectual property

you will have to apply for a licence
to procreate those genes through pregnancy

Jesus, if they find a fucking-gene

you will have to apply for a £20 permit
even to fuck with your girlfriend
in a bus stop in the rain
after a bottle of cider


difficult and wrong

it's difficult and wrong
to dislike a species
but slugs
are really bad

everything else got fast or slick or fierce
to avoid being eaten
slugs just got horrible

it works anyway
I've never eaten one
nor have you


power-corporation lectures hash 1

they have no soul to save and no body to incarcerate—Baron Thurlow
let's look at it from a different point of view—Noam Chomsky

we always did this kind of stuff
ten thousandths of a second towards the first step
you little slut did you know nothing?—the petroleum molecule, Chambers 1983
say, a pesticide, two benzene molecules, some chlorine
pardon our dust
how is one supposed to feel in the face
of how you gave yourself and keep giving
industry is largely responsible

but the soul erupts
cows who had been given POSILAC
—for both cows and humans—
oh you just wanted His power and couldn't resist
you looked at him and felt yes
we know that people
[are contributing
we see a lot of conflict]
one is unused to such partners

who had partners
to whom they relinquished such power
sprayed over their fields
in little rainbows of night
now it's either year zero or nothing

and all the dread of that
it's like getting in with some dys-family
in a house with indeterminate shit on the lawn
beer cans crushed on the stairs
windows broken in, children out of control
bad music too loud everywhere

all the lights always on
ex-people hovering with their power
[of course as a consumer
why should one take any risk at all?]
tents have been raised over the bodies in the garden
but no one is investigating

they will lie there tented until they rot
become part of the garden
for no one here dares shout stop
everything is wrong and was always wrong
yes it rains there always and the road-surfaces
slide off
but that is nothing other than the wrongness coming down
anyone involved was fooling itself to feel good
male power like this
is someone giving it away as abject betrayal
for nothing other than betrayal was forcing it
at some point we all have to
take it upon ourselves to go and look
beneath the sheets
and say no, just no
this thing is rotten

but they will take it over and over
in the ass
will offer up their children
being mindless of how to proceed
in the faces of such dismissive gods

don't ever call, not ever, from a world like that

Monsanto settled out of court
paid $83 million
never admitted guilt

perhaps 30 million other species

generations unborn

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the biggest breasts in the world-ladder

the biggest breasts in the world
alighted one day on my roof
I felt gratified at last
as they whoomphed down
breaking slates like nothing
one day I thought
I will climb up there and caress them
on many far ladders
such clouds there were
such clouds of breasts all confused
until slowly they slid, rolled, skidded
off the edge
crashed in the garden
laying there like spreading pools of big tissue
everyone gathered
this was a new sort of world
my pot plants, I thought, oh
my pot plants what has become?


most dinosaurs mirrored larking and stuff

sometimes your holly-hands
your almost
ch ch ch
like you any
got this at secondhand second glance
ugh the death of that
a little fear wafted over the river we sucked it in
like little dogs sucking in rain
it felt
a new model army
out of the south
sucking in
like evil mud


submarine fools you never dissolved

speaking to one's ex-lover one asks
how the submarines have been
how the garden grows
if the dog has yet dissolved
into a pool of indeterminate colour
that spread everywhere
for such things cannot be
even with ex-lovers

over tea and in the hearing
of the coughs from above
one looks tenderly at the slugs
that have formed from the liquid chaos
on the flagstones
in the unlit kitchen
where you drink this tea
and wonder if your children
are upstairs dying
tied to beds
covered in applications
of carnivorous slugs

it's unlikely, but you don't know

the dogs run loose
attacking neighbours
the treehouse falls down
while you chatter

everything is beautiful
you leave reassured
yes, you think, yes
she loves me still

somewhere up there a dead cow
that fell from an aeroplane
is falling towards your roof
you will be in bed by yourself
when it hits
nothing will you know

Mad Louie is coughing tonight
he lives over the Hall
six foot tall
filled with coughter
ain't gonna stop
5 years tall and all bad through
full of love and bad

himself falling from a skyplane
like a cow

wish I could stop him barking harking
crazy shit
hacking up his bunksoup
his eyes popping in sleep

much love to Louie on this near night
all the lavender all around
never heards such coofing
medicined up too.can't fix it now

sure enough gonna bring the bunks down
clapsing like fools you never oh listen
glisten again bells the bright bells

in the mornings now there are no deer



Tuesday, July 17, 2012


the shelves beneath my books
sag in the middle
how we remember at last
at last
the urgency


Monday, July 16, 2012

I jouneyed deep in Honduras

even in the Church
in an extreme way the faithful

that stalk their city
on the road the time
you think of a woman
still further
what was the ratio then?

the tendency of males for a better word
makes a difference themselves

the heads are male
still further
over the field
some forty riders suffered

it's ratio or irrational
I have never been to Honduras
I hear it


utilitarianism (how did you come up with these figures?)

the supply chains and so on Kant
if you put a gun to my head
I cannot even for it would be an end unjustified
oh we welcome this
but Bentham and therefore
it's a long-term investment
it's effectively
it's completely wrong
I find even the sight of/Jews/and/homosexuals/
he was missing for three days
we found him in a riverbed
in this city completely in the hands
of very grave danger
what we are announcing today
much higher anyway
the overhead wiring
the signalling the operating costs

a young man has been rushed in shot
in the legs in the nearby church hall

there is a difficult decision
as a whole

last October let's have a third element
(we have not ruled out all possibilities)


Mau Mau


an arguable case


any of these projects B2rady (at busy times)

w2here's the money going to come from?

a decade/clarity/six minutes/application rejected
he joins us go ahea2d
our head of studie2s
discount any experience
the whole point was made very explicit
for imagination to work
the fight within
was given and once again
believe me and the weather

40 days of m2ixed weather ahead
eastern on a dry note
what is a dry note?
E flat is a dry note
oh yeah
overnight tomorrow
sunshine details inside
who puts up a struggle

do you h2ave a right?
at nine

in three underground oil tanks
it's seven
infrastructure is read by Susan
at the earliest

electrifying the m2idland

[but why?]
is E flat dry?
after harpsichords?


art illery

'the staggering extent of re-offending by sexual  predators
across the country'
the most stone-faced of killjoys
quarter to seven
the rail network
a unique collaboration
our correspondent has been to see it
completely rebuilt
it's carved from the stone of those Buddhas
that were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001

this is quite a popular exhibition

"all the planes that want
to use them"

ten to seven
running a bit scared

outside this country the process
we are going through

political dynamite
the third runway
the confusion

we're talking about it now


pounding 2

the borrowed dog chased a neighbour's cat
nearly got it
this was almost the end of the world
in public
but overhead a caterpillar disembarked



suddenly the black trains along the line
are slugs on a fallen tree
as slow


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Triggerfish Critical Review

I interviewed and reviewed the wonderful Laurie Byro, and reviewed David Appelbaum's new chapbbook, Jiggerweed. And there is much besides. Check it out:





at dawn even
the wind settles back
but cigarettes...


limericks from Hell

well I'm up for this party in Hell
as I've heard that their parties are swell
I'll get drunk as a skunk
dressed like a mad monk
in the clouds of His sulphurous smell



out there, imagine

wind in holes across
the long moor
our hands poised
ready to begin
your mouth almost


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

god particule

those people from CERN
they think they've found the Higgs Boson
strangely Life
with little concern
somehow goes on


Monday, July 02, 2012

underwater robots

underwater robots have arrived
they mooch down there in the green swirl
they look at you like this
they fasten things and listen
they hear the seaweed's dreamy drift
they process it all, file it away
send it up to the surface
to be looked at

if I was an underwater robot octopus thing
I wouldn't waste my time like that
I would burst up from the deep
I would erupt and march up the beach
grabbing people
running my feelers all over them
checking them out
screaming a bit through my beak
scaring the crap out of everyone
just for wild robot kicks



a fashion for examining inequalities

just-introduced curves
he's unlikely
he wanted the forces of reproduction
you disagree
it's always going to be someone's higher aim
the demand for someone
so far that way
as I do
make the case more powerfully

the latest sorry mess


everything else

electric flash on the surface water
her hand this hand here and this hand there
her attention
some mediterranean night
halfway through the afternoon
as if nothing
as if almost
my head almost
8 minutes of
sustained, dedicated pressure
like a dream
like a magic lantern
all I see are shadows
saying yes
the shock the infinite shock
the clutch afterwards
the long forever
holding it in
making it real
float out
everything else


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Major Arcanum Minus 1: The Ready to Blow

before ever morning’s creep down the wideways of woodland halt
the breathed haircurls aflame he came where she was wide in the wanting

and illustry and filled with bursts and offered more mothering was
not needed now he burst also almost upon the brinking bells his heralding

and horn but not yet the moment not yet the moment of follis he inbreathes
for his preparation and preparates his blowout into width and dimensions other

that like here where leaves shuffle down and steam all night there, there is it
the spiral of steam that rises there when we look away there he prepares his

parting like the slitting of curtains and the eye that peepout pokes between and now
at the threshold with hands undealt but ready as he’ll ever with position and time it is

coming it awaits two damn seconds only out of reach and already under way
falling last and first and before first in the space where there the spiral like smoke

rises its mystery


great poets swingeing like mermaids

you freaking out requires
you freaking owl vampires
sweepers (low sweepers, imagine)
you and your sweepers
you privileged fuck
you dis-after-all
after noon aftersweep
it's all gone now
even the language
it starts here
from now
rubber fucking dublin

calibrated locale


just not at all uvious

1. I wouldn't do it anyway.


hotel this works black.blue.out
there's a business here everyone says
Batman the Bat Man small red wine stains
like shatters of time set down
little haha diaries and the rain the red rain slowmo

2. this took

years really, as though just
imagine this page opened up like a body
pulled back, maybe for the first time a foreskin
a vagina pulled apart welcoming or porn
then more a blood eagle really
bloodenflance, blod, bled
Carrollers and wassailers, flowers
freaking through the capitols
slow, this took

3. hours of blood

that filched or eked or neither
nicked through the cant of nabs and cops, escop
eek, Dick-ens but earlier the poverty, the overty
shit Nedward Kelly-wise they said the land was
an enemy, a hard father full of curses
nothing not even you
would grow

4. to be put right

sleep. Italy. this has nothing to do.sleep
i wish.everything covered in ash.even the dogbites.the frantics
this then one's self-curse, to be fucked in the mouth
ashed up in covertures always, awoken years
naked dead.looking out always frozen encased

forever by that moment
toward the freaking sea

I wouldn't do it anyway
but all down the vagrant slant of the Pennine Eiger
I love you I love you
that should blow it


won't fly?
buy huge rockets
strap them onto his back
when you've lit the blue fly-paper
stand back


the smell of 2000 humans underground

you got too many breaks in the past
it should have been harder
you should have been hated more
it's made you soft and demanding
this is okay
this is it
this is how it is
don't ask for anything more
you're a bunny rabbit
and that's being nice
us adults have just had to deal with it
hating each other
occasional moments of niceness
it's an emergency
we are all running down into the tube stations
there is no time for your egoistic crap
there are bombs falling
shape up


I am over your pain (love song heard across the rainy allotments)


I'm not sure what the problem is

(I quickly got over your pain
and wanted to move on)

and the moon

well the moon nothing that should just be poetry but on this occasion a rat jumps out
rappels down a gossamer line with a kind of look

sleeper-rat he sets up beneath your bed
to wait
sharpening his look until
the call
the wide morning clarion halcyon kingfisher tangerine
drug in by cats at night

as anyone knows a rat is the sequel
of a cat
the problem has always been that rats


by the rules

whereas those others
those othermothers
you amongst them
seeking to unrap the slick the goss the flick
have no regard
for anything without a face I mean a looking-face
on your ick-plate

that sounds like it means some

it means anything
the heights are jumping on you
brown-eyed, so slow
transistor the rainbows walk

behind the stated do you
we used
at that far off time
to speak off-peak

my spaces were bigger then, whiter
filled with better words in waiting

my rats cleaner and fuller
more determined
coming down harder and heavier
with wings
each with a little hammer
each shouting secretly

yes (no)

sorry, breaking up.will txt


I'm just not sure what the problem is

no, I am
I am sure
it's this


xetal llab (sail away with me-honey)

bergamot and feather-dew
his face crumples in the rain
lies down as though jet fighters

along the wet forest rides nothing yet
it's coming, coming
a drum somewhere

think of the time as

ash think poetry that runs down
from the penetrated

the tapped


that forms into a latex ball
that bounces off amongst the trees

that you, most of all, you, can not
leave without this ball-bell

this or that

that has now buried itself up
in the leaf moulder
broken down like it had never anyway

this song is not called

what is bergamot?
I didn't hear the siren
but neither did you
not after the drum that started
far off, as if

my hive my hive
no, no
I was having time

never in doubt
the Autumn leaves


[em dash]