Saturday, April 19, 2008


why don't we give them East Anglia?
want they can build a wall around it
keep the Phillistines out West Banksy
can float around spray some ladders
choppers cops trompe l'oeil tunnels balloon girls
levitating in updraughts of Marilyn--but the Dutch
canal those pumps all can be stopped can be
again a watery world of channels
Afalons they can paddle their aquatic
idyll in peace so different from their Negev
wastes eat many frogs fat carp nosing
in the sluggish mud as they want build
windmills look there's no Intifada in East
Anglia the only suicide bombers

are people who can't handle gas

appliances Messiah will find
them there he's any good

findthem eating fat frogs squat
in the holy wetlands at peace wrapped

in a roadmap thinking of melons--Israel,

I'm offering you East Anglia and all its shallow shining broads