Saturday, December 29, 2007

806.4616.0110 (a cup of sugar) - draught

"Sending out an SOS
sending out an SOS..." The Police

walking past [light speed] the house at three
a.m all the lights on [electromagnetic yaps] shouting smashing
[there will be more]
someone crying in the garden
music shaking [299,792,458 metres per second]
the night (wingbeats) kids hi(ding) under the beds
[................] everyone drunk everyone fucked all of it old

[wait... bells you hear her bells] --sugarsugar--embedded
grudges grievances hatred
so you don't
(would you happen to have) [celeritas] even
(would you happen) consider knocking (tyres wail)

(trees sigh) (birds exhale) (legs flail) on the door
(freefall)(eggs fail) introducing yourself saying
Hi [exhale.................] (sail on silver bird sail on by
your time has come)
mister we meant no harm

would youhappen tohave would you happen...

mister we meant harm


2 megaton snake (for Carl Sagan)

"Don't pray to that, it's not the sun" - Frank Redcar

fifty thousand sugarbabes
breathing out black fire

as sure as eggs
is lead balloons
one-a this 2 megaton bomb
gone down like redjunglefowl
with feathery ass alight

(a pope on a hope
shitting in the woods—))
(for the trees—)
(—can't make them damn drink)

two million tons of
high explosive dropped
on Dresden and London
on Leningrad and Cologne

fire demons, fairies, elves
shove your hand down the throat

fifty thousand sugarbabes
sweating out black fire

grab anything you find
twist, pull, rip it out
I love you, I love you
six years of burning
all wrapped up in one
hazy afternoon

(learned about nuclear winter
by studying dust storms
on Mars)

fifty thousand sugarbabes

black fire


Friday, December 21, 2007

Rumi spirit-flarf

Can’t you see I’m stretching Rumi?
—I’m an emotional Rumi researcher
I run barefoot Rumi everything jade green
far-off lands, furniture...
Now I can see the Rumi far-off hills
and the dark far away...
With far rapture Rumi and abandon
I would hope for a child
a potent Rumi little vegetable god
(urchins won't Rumi relent
with the snowballs whirl
themselves raptured into a
from its Rumi source in the far off
mountains, passing Rumi far through
every repetitive task)
a Rumi sea urchin in antique dress
I found it a year ago when far Rumi

Back, this Rumi is as far
as you go, she says
this sight Rumi may harm you...
where a switch goes off in me
and suddenly when you Rumi have closed
your mouth kind of griot-Rumi-Rumi...

can't you see Rumi far, far I'm stretching Rumi?

Anomie (a beginning)

"I've got a bastard behind the eyes" - Withnail and I

let's look at this again

both ancient and modern
writers seem to oscillate

(thirty years of the same crisis)
(you'd think they'd get dead)
(bored banging the bedhead like cats)
(drowned in the same pond)
(nine times nine times nine times nine)

1. open the hatch look inside
never sure what you will see

(he can see "wonderful things")
(don't tell him anything yet)

2. sometimes you almost laugh

3. then you see the little lights
—they're still there...

bions?Brownian motion?dead things?spirits?what then?

(he thinks he sees. don't tell him.)

faced. with this.
anomic space
the issue is to abolish. the restrictions

[["the words[_______]had the force of law"

see the little lights
—they're still there
(still) (a bastard)(behind)(there)
(the eyes)(there)(still)

see the little lights?
they're still there

they're still there?

thirty years—drowned—crisis—little lights
—thinks, only thinks—wonderful things, cursed things—
nine times—tell him nothing

let's look at this again

Sunday, December 16, 2007


this train becomes worm
..............................become arm reaching white
skinny through warm
.............................skyline through

all feathers, glitter flying in its

become sparks [reflection] —disturbance

it looks back sudden

............wolf headed

west where wild winds whistle
whine, the moment of getting

(a sin to put on
animal skins and the heads of beasts)
it tears through the pages
the shimmer
......................we wake from
breath wet upon
fingers (we bite)
we flurry in time (mirrors) (pond)
(silver copper orange)
lead barium antimony
—forensics of dream (shift)

drop weapon (years ago) in.the rain

.........murder is a dazzling

(Published in Dogzplot Jan 2008)

Friday, December 14, 2007


the colour is cold slow motion
seeping in chinks
with a dry hurtle of Spring

this way we flag
draw together ducted
bind and refract

we prism


heat from below

Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Executive Orders

Reichstag thermite blah
white hot in the ruins of recount
of a democratic party late in the day
and the barbecue just cold ash
(many inconvenient truths)

(the false-flag (Iwo Jima? Ground Zero?)—
of the fathers—Toratoratora!Atta! Atta!
Our Allfather Hiroshima
(the well where words wither)—)

"total wipeout in 2008 of Republican..." you believe this
Pearl Harbour Blah Pearl Necklace
a spurt of new executive orders
that they'll let this happen
already in place about all our necks
(Martial Law/Scooter Libby/The Bohemian Grove)
like they won't do something?

(Get this burning issue off me!)

"you could sense something was gonna blow
question was what and who"

(a rigged explosion in democracy
- the falling man)
"Something's in the works," he stated,
"in the works...Chertoff has predicted them."

Habeas Corpus, Port Authority
the thing that penetrated the Pentagon
clearly had no wings

(and get this: the world watched in horror already in place)

like everyone their own twin tower now, rigged to blow
(Published in Cause & Effect Magazine Jan 2008)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

feeding a child

making bread as ritual
—kneading, plying
itself a connection
with a thousand generations
of women
on their knees, pounding
fists in unclean bowls

fleshing out grey dough, oxygenating
latent life, swelling, rising
the sacrament
yeast/bread/yeast/ wine
sugar and spice
all things...
to all

cradled in the left arm
—not for the heartbeat,
for dexterity, ministration

his eyes as he drinks

the eyes
of vervet monkeys
his clutching fingers
feeling for lanugo still,
fur (to hang in)
a flickering, a place

beneath gender
waking slow
leavening, fervent

bright as sugared yeast


a siege of Khartoum, November 2007

Barbie was the original Red Whore, subverting...

the ghost of the Mahdi
stirs in his desert capsule
at Omdurman—such dreams

riding a wild camel
head swinging—excitement (alarm)
calls from the city, telegraph of heartbeat
breath, hollow ground

he is shimmer, spirit, silver mirage
contagion flooding outward

(the air hasn't quickened like this
since Gordon Pasha 1885)
such movement, such pace and fecundity
somewhere a tiny bear
(emblem of bears)

claws the Faithful
by wires of naming and intent
into the vast cleavage
of the West

he heads south, swinging
a rusty sword, feeling blood
beat again
in his dead camel's neck
rivers swelling
clouds massing

the beats stop, the drones
the wild pipes, the music...

(process and plexus/
event and stasis
—forces gather briefly along these lines
then quickly vanish)

flies whirl in the shimmer
—nothing, nothing