Sunday, June 24, 2012

similar from outside

as if you care

coal and water

coming up I travelled out from outside
in another time
the water level has given me pain in their bones
there are similar problems there too

I went to see a ball well, well

we have been diverted to a fierce debate
tens of thousands of people
put on hold

they pour into the street

water gardens
increasingly thirsty

cheap natural
I recommend in equal measure you

leave town
they ask

for granted


running around the Goblin Wood

in a large part

not wait

a different way was to write
to ask for help

so there was this problem
and they do not ask for help

in her/his becoming cyclonic one is assailed
down the wet rides of forest backings

he just stands there and says

the circumpomp of nothing: these tirades
oh wide and wet we walk we squawk

do you mind?

what about new questions?

of the side-views one says nothing
but always there is the cave the caving

in her hat she sits imagine her in her hat
reading like that so surrounded

dead now close to sleep, snakes and pixies
the whole welter of female forest

which floor it goes to
the whole template
can you pick me up
and carry me?

clustered about her my boys my boys
the sudden learning of pain

everything else, everything

what do you make of this?


Saturday, June 23, 2012

12 minutes to 9

it's 12
to 9


drawing on research

some victims fallen through
thousands of people
says the mudbath
her face neck
what's this about?

keep her balance

heavy weather

going forward good for him

or mainstream anything
a terrible judgement

I probably don't think of myself
I try to make sure
it's the time of the week

is it true, your hair?




a complete mess
three o'clock
bubbling up
a mop push it back
been up ever since
again tonight
mind you when the rain
it really came
so hard
a big sunny smile
down on their hands
compared with the madness
all three went
in other parts
like an age


they're not gonna come

his hankering for hatha yoga
caused by
warm latitudes
this summit has been a dangerous platitude
the big oil companies
right at the last minute
trying to push
what we need to think about now
who did bother to go to Rio
go on, three things
change the decision
are you really going to do all that?
out of Rio
your listeners
driven have to come together
then he will take
in a coordinated approach
nothing new, John
business has agreed
oh look at the mess we're in today
along the supply chain
if all of this
is so successful
the moment the world changed
for the wetter
he couldn't afford
natural resources
we no longer take Nature

for granted

you often get problems here


floods in which

travelling at very low altitude
further downpours are forecast later today
the missing pilot
residents of Mytholmroyd, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge
have never been asked
staff have been required to turn up on this scale
this is weak and lacks ambition
not an umbrella
the president of Brazil
with 45,000 people taking part
the crisis in the North
prevented drinking or winking on all trains
team GB
lesbians everywhere in the rivers
wild people drowning
over the hilltops

it went for more than three times

ten past eight

bad news



all day all afternoon
rain like a disaster
washing line


the dreadful autoflock

another woman's child there he goes
like the weather
spilling rice, consumed
by pipes and pounding internal libraries
oh the complications of this
no there will be no love
[love already, through fright and fog]
but appreciation only
no appreciation but
(how easy with one's own)
a grassless strip upon the lawn
from me to him
the strokes
that I dare not deliver
the overarching
of this is right
yes it is
but maybe I am not
yes I am
no I am not



intimate as rats with my two small sons
I feel failed
as though we had approached a cliff edge
then refused to jump
into that new world
I don't know now
if I can ever catch up
with their stamping afar
am I so cowardly?
how they stamp
how their stamping pounds
how the fail-pounds, the fail-fat
the stamp rat-ever
what would you say now, rat-children
of all my dreams?
my own ratness

look, imagine you came home
and there on the drive, the approach
you in your school stuff
only eight
and a pig's head
a dog eating a pig's face
oh it's just brawn for the dogs
says your porridge mother
for god's sake it's like seeing your grandfather
suddenly giving the mad neighbour a blowjob
you just know the world has changed



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

allowed by the awesome wells

given the relevant finances one might purchase a submarine

even if the purpose is unconnected to wildflowers
or the lifeclock it is likely that still
the transaction spillover involves both

radical fiscal reforms that are clearly needed

explain the effect inspired by the occupy

there is huge confusion: zero percent
they are much more likely

my question is that I was hugely with you

what of all this biology as externality?
what has gone wrong?
genitalia confer advantages as well as the awful
possibility of tearing pain when vaulting hedges
of hawthorn and wild plum.that's the kind of heroism.
it's not much fun.there are two countries.
one is all we have time is indicated.

I am regulated capturing the nation
between the BBC and the British Library
did that really happen to us?

slash beauty for a brittle bone disease

television would change him forever
but he was born with a terrible illness

it would happen continually and for all sorts of reasons

like a child's toy
the awful boy
who denies all joy

[he always said]

.these if you were wondering
are the only positive network externalities
allowed by the awesome wells

see through the periscope the bush vetch
the tall meadow buttercup the forget me not the germander speedwell
the  broad-leaved willowherb the herb robert

may yours always be apparent and gradual
with small bones that die young
in that most of all may you love to laugh

Monday, June 18, 2012

national socialism

don't give money to banks
give them vouchers
realisable if/when
they make loans

after that kill everyone
and shut up


270 million tons of inhuman

the recent obesity of humans
has added the equivalent weight
of a billion new people
to the planet

there are no new geniuses
amongst it
just blind, fat
swellings, stuffed under belts
thinking nothing
but more corn syrup


The Triggerfish Critical Review.

Triggerfish issue 9 is now live and available HERE. The main featured poet is Laurie Byro, and the issue includes several of her poems as well as an interview and reviews of her work. Also featured is David Appelbaum's poetry along with reviews. And plenty more besides!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


a live
bigfoot got caught
running through the dark woods
some local ladies say he got
the goods



car go
little too fast
car make bad skids on bend
everyone dead in burning wreck
the end



off piste
he skied with glee
he'd never felt so free
at least until he skied into
that tree


Sunday, June 10, 2012

penguins in the news

depraved hooligan
male penguins fucking corpses
who'd'a thunk it?


six squeaks at public understanding

all our stories in disarray
strange words, long gaps
narratives without connection
you don't know what they are trying to communicate
look he says I need to speak
from elsewhere
I am not from here and my speaking place
is not from here
I am an eggplant or a cloud
nothing, nothing
to you
where people are


busted clocksonnet in tradette—stopped, stop't

then she should have walked quickly to every clock
reached in and stopped them like breaking
the necks of roosters
[all of it skeletal in this vision
her fingers, the clock-hands
tick tick nothing, no more]
whenever this moment was reached

how long did his clock go on when hers
had already stopped
and he was, not knowing, dead, his neck broken
on some farmyard stump

his heart already stopped from outside
—inside there, in the movement, the escapement
where it ticks
if there was no time left, no movement
he should have known

maybe he also could have raced to every clock
in his just-dead comb-house of dreams
stopped it all, set every hand to midnight
///but it was just left to roll

all of it now, even alarms, reminders
wholly illegal in the presence
of the unescaped dead

himself only a ghost, disregarded, required now
to be so silent in unstated euthanasia

only recently able to laugh at such alarms

all of it, this


Saturday, June 09, 2012


owls over dark fields
—this sonar
of ancient sirens



cloud formations
that look like gods
we worship slow beers



each morning watching
the tiptoe deer go past
slow summer ice



there by the fire
from  this afternoon's bike rides
steaming uniforms



my eldest boy
almost throws himself downstairs
I prepare for love


three sticks

under the bridge
go our three sticks
—one in a whirlpool


Friday, June 08, 2012

five pounds of fat dying in a big big barrel

palatalised velars such as KAAAAAAAAAAAA die all around
Je ne regrette oh whatever you don't seem to understand
.............they won't accept failure we won't last two days
how many of those people are there?
a new foodstuff discovered within
...................................................neurolinguistic recipe
abiogenesis in a pan an analogue of human egg tissue wakes up

now neuro-cannibalism is all the thing, like meta-oral sex, somewhat
but the schwa over all, the great schwa of no or more nuh uh erh uh
its blurry bloody eyes folded in with epicanthic word-clusters's no longer human
all of this from a omelette
a Calabi-Yau egg-mess
fried-up Jungle Book
what the Fat Wah called the Junglee Boy
.......................................................................can you do it?
[can't fix that no one can]
organics, aminos, twisting hydrogen-bonding, compuncling
watch it happen KAAAAAAAAAAAAA thirteen
like a dreadnought Christchild sucking down bread

full of new milt, bread-wine, the swiving of elements
you in the tapas bar struggling to voiceless
your dental fricative.
the rest of us trying the new offal all of us off in a strange bean soup
in strange new
instrange anew as though
a ristotle had beelundered
nothing you have to say
she has left this world, no longer regards
you.......................your fucking half-awake bean soup
......................................................fuller with gut stuff

fluh, fluh