Saturday, September 25, 2010

wild chunks of nightly love

tundra, nothing escaping this dream and gas

head whole head
you want more
I have only holding

so full of love am I

ript from the shades your headlove

infernal ah but greatest one

audience think not that something was absent

all of you in my hand collapsed

I can't help these flattened fifths

where are you now

you, your

the drear barn

oh nothing, I meant nothing

your head exploding

suicide love bomber cheese what?

brain everywhere now

such love I feel

your ass through the window

now this


is sex


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want it to be earlier and then later

strange miracles of the world:

some interior Africa of the senses transported
it is 1870 within
the man with the toad in his mouth
sitting next to the woman
made of bricks
is unsure at this moment
whether it is more decorous
to drink on all fours
at the nearby waterhole
or to sip daintily from his own armpit
such are the complications of tradition
and sex politics
he conveys his uncertainty to the green giant
who answers only in prime numbers
upon whose advice he coughs up the large toad
and enters a new life as a hunter in the forest

you look strange, his friends tell him
more stray and feral by the day
it will soon be unlikely that we will invite you
to take syrups with us again

the man is unconcerned, even when the toad grows back
he feels he is on the right path

then a disaster overcomes him
his faculties are lost in some mucus
that floats down

at the last he thinks he sort of thinks
this at least is freedom
as he sinks he sort of sinks

his left bicep is found in a public pool
nearby are performing sharks
but no body is discovered in them
no one can prove anything

the whole bay seems to be full of secrets
you sense this from your room on the second floor
even through grey drapes of rain
but no one gasps enough
not enough to give anything away
the savage again the[]-oh christ this thing
of body easier at least with those animals
who have not gived birth several so forgiving
are they & all the while the tide
the mist the roll and slurry that it does

you what like just shot him when he needed help?
those guys oh those guys
what do we care really?

everywhere in the world is at war
far away I imagine what your mouth feels like


seven-league boots or something similar

so these few years it has lain there unused
its excitatory twist and hum unknown
all that splayed potential nestled dark
amongst folds and presses as of some dark inhuman interior
it is not a shibboleth it is just a thing
just an accident just a foolish gift
unpackaged now containing miraculous batteries
that somehow still make it writhe and drone
after years after several years
but never yet applied I am unfamiliar
with this new/old battery technology
I am behind the times my consciousness
stops at the drawer-front
beyond that is this other world of the future
which I do not wish to know

these miracles have fucked me
full of lies and magic batteries
the future past lies hidden
inside someone who knows nothing
of anything

at the first glimmer
she leaps over houses
chickens and kittens scatter
as she flies by

Rah Rah Rasputin
honest I was only urinating
through a letterbox
when the rain started

such messages I had within me

it lays there quiet and filled with dreams
sick now unto its magic batteries


Monday, September 20, 2010

oh you know some god that overslept

the server is not well found
look at the details
there at night the air itself at fault
you might imagine some scene of rocking
of the wind and sky travailed
but this is just a politic moment
in which he is flattened like sorghum
oh he cries too much
again I wake with a horse's head
instead of my own
but I am not of these mysteries of castration
though I would love to for a moment occupy
your time machine no no no
even in humanity a hit or miss governor
do you know nothing of mechanics?

after dark she they he all of them lilt like witches
of rivers and crossings
of the soft rains and squawks of doubt

morning eviscerates everything
he shudders soft in his wraps
wonders why he ever started something
that could never be ended

the sun rides him like a hammer

she takes over
she takes cover
she takes coverlets

raise your arms and think of the moon
something has just happened
something just dreadful

all down the Lune River a red streak

some hunched idiot in the rain tends a tiny fire
for years

it goes out
he is bewildered
he totters away

everything goes out now
even the animals go out

there is nothing here

tell you what
someone comes for me after this
they better come
with a storm in the heart
for I am finished with the simulations


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

wild laughter somewhere on the train

this little dropping ash
all of my children are in it
I see them hit the floor and explode

there is nothing I can do to stop this

I feel like a small god asphyxiating
in late sunlight (urgent cries FFS)
thrashing in its own sheets

you can't write the sound
of children exploding


a man from the front carriage hastens
to shake my hand

he makes me furious
I accost him with my tiny umbrella

eventually on the island
I come around to the fact
that it is all over

all night I wash like a coconut
with the waves coming in hard

a dark man is buried in the sand
the waves will uncover him by morning

he is a pirate at least a fetch

the lighthouse sinks acoustic

your language
is a disaster

what anyway is retrofit?

are you mad?

if I had not looked when you looked
and when the train

use this to make your title
i got no use for you fuck



Sunday, September 05, 2010

goblin afar the thing

what is the epic form of Geology?

I have had enough of you, she says
I intend to shift to another layer

do you know that I can barely see?

some substrate has come between us
alone on the hill some cow of the vagabond future
fresh from weddings barely survived
says this

alone in the lias & layers I of all liars
lay least yeast
always looking in storms
to the east oh beast
that I am and unknowing
thankful that thin things at least
nothing was known

I am downhearted (she cries) at my new shape
i wish i could go beyond cowish things now
i wish i new what was

the epic form of meteorology
like you said rabbit child

I too down holes vanish
or of vanishing wish