Thursday, September 23, 2010

seven-league boots or something similar

so these few years it has lain there unused
its excitatory twist and hum unknown
all that splayed potential nestled dark
amongst folds and presses as of some dark inhuman interior
it is not a shibboleth it is just a thing
just an accident just a foolish gift
unpackaged now containing miraculous batteries
that somehow still make it writhe and drone
after years after several years
but never yet applied I am unfamiliar
with this new/old battery technology
I am behind the times my consciousness
stops at the drawer-front
beyond that is this other world of the future
which I do not wish to know

these miracles have fucked me
full of lies and magic batteries
the future past lies hidden
inside someone who knows nothing
of anything

at the first glimmer
she leaps over houses
chickens and kittens scatter
as she flies by

Rah Rah Rasputin
honest I was only urinating
through a letterbox
when the rain started

such messages I had within me

it lays there quiet and filled with dreams
sick now unto its magic batteries


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