Sunday, September 27, 2009

the night's travel

in and now out the same door
like all knives whirling
our utter politics in collisions
of limestone pavements

across all this she travailed
with sepia sandbags
of County Clare

all sailroads to traverse
and only 8 O-clock
by the whale's chime

this big hand by the night's wild travel
points to 12
the little hand
flickers and stops

iris of heart attack hope
—love of small things
and wild places

be certain now be sure

it's that time
in between
where the hands don't count

it's okay to be scared here
to lie down and breathe
to lie a little
before waking


Friday, September 25, 2009

tout n'est pas pour le meilleur dans le meilleur mince de tous les au-delàs impossibles

Burroughs & Gysin

The Perkl Light energy spa

Realdoll sex dolls

The Rapture Index

Animal Trials

Buddy Christ

VietnamNet article.

Bastards of The Party

Lynch Law Investigation

The ZEB Device

Sybian & Venus

The Grim Reaper

"The most moral army in the world"

Flicker streaming online

An American man smiles at Iran

Gatling bench test

The Hideous Sun Demon Movie

Horseflies Hush

Poetry as circular EVP records its own breathing

bodyfield part 1 )ectoflarf(

is there another tenant in the building,
that we are unaware of?
—Terence McKenna
keep coming through on the radio
—the Rezillos
.............the creature in a sudden wind
scents its own past

all up the valley (du dormeur)

your deathpixie shriek (can they be insane?)
ベン=マイモーンmagnetic resonance imaging

[2 3月2日skeet Mishnah-Nephesch ミシュナー
..........................oh you ugly electric fuck no Morphism
.......................(圏論) not as we know it no Mo-ho-notheism 一神教
.......................of soft descent May 23 (*) will be too late...]

遊牧民 Dunkirk ダンケルク [dun church the circus the starchamber]
ah ghostly MelanensO how soft thy rivertongues at night the Glob
ファック urgent consider stop consider the bodybomb
Ia Drang bubblewrap エIアキャップ

... エホバの証人の教義j

.........................The Karate Kid
as a sequence of radio prints
[what is the unconscious map of this event?]
the track by which you arrived

........................(Disregard the sudden beauty
........................of the stars, Watson,
........................someone has stolen our fucking tent)

—can you be insane?
ベスト・キッド Life-death-rebirth
retriangulate (adj)
snow fills his eyes with dusk & shit

[pilot blind & avid this vector this
.........course to steer] [the drowned boy in the attic
records fearfully his own footsteps]

there where the slowho
petals of the bright nightcat flick?)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

scull soft as I oracle

each morning I drop
by the gas station
on the way
to the dropoff [dropdown/flux/a little skirt
the freak-fire in the wet]
I emblood outstick
the noxxle to my lips let it flow flood fillup
36lbs per square inch by inch
gets me inflated and heady
ready to crush
what is in my path arrive at work
with dead moths spread in my eyes
begin the slow climb
up the wall to the yellow light extended distaff erectio
here and there I will
catcall remains of my grandfather
through the long and winding one such day
clinging to a fatbulb with bulging eyes
you know blowhard [scat] it ain't easy
I look forward only—

only now with such investment in the fusèd skull


Saturday, September 19, 2009

poem for Maria

when I was eight years old
my Dad would wrestle with me
would hold me down
twist my arm behind my back
say give in submit
I never would
you can break my fucking arm
before I give in
I would say
in other gasped words
because I didn't yet know
these words
you're mad he would say
and get off me
distantly sensing the danger
that was to come

this dilemma of murder
unhinged me until
I was in a supermarket one day
and finally understood
that gods are shrivelled things
doled out by uninterested fishmongers
in worlds of stinking grey ice


Friday, September 18, 2009

love in the middle of a firefight

the man is only twenty years— Cho Siu (1946)

old when the thing hits him
like a bullet
causing a disruption cone
that builds
as yawing begins at a tissue depth

of nine centimetres
the thing that hits him
like a bullet
is full-metal-jacketed boat-tailed
a copper-plated steel coat

steel core and lead
not a metaphor of love
just a chunk of metal
like love its purpose

profound disruption
of tissue
not necessarily death
but a wholesale tearing apart
of the interior

all his torso a latent hole
not gaping
but frowning


Monday, September 14, 2009


in the shaft down to Wycoller
steep and trodden deep descending sunlight alley
I was on my knees
like a magnifying glass
with my book of flowers
trying very hard to look
at a tiny tormentil
that had suddenly erupted from the banks
of the seventeenth century

in great difficulties of scale I now rolled
all down the packhorse track
in my new fractal hair and gait


love perm of the postmodern water reflex

how much do I need you?

I read about how bodybuilders
starve themselves of water during the last days
of training for a competition

the bodyfat comes off through cycling and pumping
they achieve maximum vascularity
all those vessels pimping out etc

it's difficult to get an erection
or think straight
or grow hair

the body cries for water
the many cries of the body

that much then

be assured that I've never ever said this to anyone else
this bodybuilder thing


diary entry date mutable (show don't tell

as though boiled water were itself the reagent
of consciousness I have added it to the fungus
though I expect to consume the body itself

when the water is nearly gone
already the sweat starts
but as yet no flying reindeer
I am gripped by the fear that resemblance

has no third party
but sink again into the reassurance that
it can always be described
and that it would be entirely Wittgenstein

to ignore the mathematics of poetry
this and this but look this resembles this
in that its nose is of similar length and hue
its hair is like
come running with a measure

to test the third proposition
this is not an etheric hover

it was observed that the actual host
engendered some nausea
& required some persistence and strength
to swallow
but for the sake of humanity

the thing was done
with only a little spray

thereof one must shout and show
& wieldof always a sauvage umbrella
in the manner of a determined Englishman
who will tolerate no foolishness
from foreign devils


Sunday, September 13, 2009

your ardent gripe

so imagine this man underwater
in a rapid current
attempting to fit a bolt into a tiny aperture
over and over

the precision atrophies
as the exhaustion increases

by 19:33 he has had enough

sinks and drowns himself
throws it all up and surfaces shouting
kick kick
gets fierce and fastens in
now he is the river man
with fins

the dawn cracks over his head
just his eyes
slick the surface
wild fish eyes in the spray
body silence
beneath waiting

like him i will never
you know


Thursday, September 10, 2009

monster of light

the drunken men haul in home in on something they found
a dark alley—a storm of leaves—a bell
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for a light
to shine upon it they sing low as they go
drag it behind
nor even feel or know or sight

it suck the long red shadows
from their backs
reach for home with nothing
..................a line that stretches away
..................into the cracks

their song used up
dusted in sleep
dawn kiss them goodnight
the world's last soft kindness
mulched in the deep

through the curtains
on the face of a sleeping child
the ticking stops light
floods in
drowns it all

.......................traces of a man
in the tidemark light
still flickers still
a book still open
where it fell

to some same page years later where now nothing

nor the softest knell


gnostic myth

the iconic brass boy stands on top
of the world urinating violently
his laughter cracking the floor

running down and around steaming
like an onion it drips off the south pole
reels out into space droplets

that catch the sun in golden spray
freezing in the vacuum of gaze
swinging back to attention

each is not a little world
just think of him up there
laughing like a clanking ape

nothing else happening anywhere
everything just silent waiting
until it's enough
until something remembers
reaches down
strokes it up into arousal

they wait forever
in their shared breath
each a tree grown into the other
leaning in together
for the last laugh


Thursday, September 03, 2009

sea-beams glitter

don't fuck around of course I've [i uv] felt it
on the roof in the rain naked *//[of goat husbandwidth devilfish]

alongside longsight secreted camera aliceaforethought

the neighbours watching the firemen the police shouting the priest
couldn't hear them at the time jump kid jump drink drive jump black


flag coming off as I did with a great slither
into Death
that with the warmth of history uploaded in squalls
exits the new language of ponds

looky here you have stormlight
crawling over the moment
you have the stone arch of the urge

you want the warmth I see
down the hall mother I don't want father

all of it runs/down over your face/face
and you sitting there giggling in the cafe

O she asked her for a fuck
but she said that was yuck
to do it in the park
when it was cold an dark

in the cafe you thin thing full of squawking rope
coughing out I would like to thank the academy
that schlucked you outta its soul so |]=] I could
love you love you unknown attenuate of the backdoorman

your stoop sweeping down walls of light
I get it fuck
how it might have been there over the water

skin rolling back growing new eyes
one asshole staring out pronouncing of +words

............squaredoff landscape ugh//?make it numeric I donts got to <>jump in the wild<> windhay no more
............with tha fuckfish

octodata agency will square you away

meep meep meep mop meep mop 2323(left leg in)

submarine rescue

field the killcard at last orders


posting an application

stuck inside of Mobile—Bob Dylan

put it in she says
there are fields of static whenever I get close
the whole moment fizzes
we wait there with stuff dripping off us
magnet squawk rearrangement woo
I'm spinning
put it in why

better in than out she says

who says there ain't teeth in there waiting
to end all this I ask and she looks in no no teeth she says

just a wide open moment from either end

you don't ask you don't
see the sunrise over Karnac
get off me

the lights came on everyone was there laughing

okay I blew it the old fucking letter game

three nights alone on the tower
with a wet towel
listening to them cavorting below

petting my crow at dawn
I plan to start a cult with teeth
that will pull you up quick
listen mother I will kill your children
you don't stop this magnet woo

please consider me most earnestly for this position
me and my dead candle crow atop

—oo mama can this really be the end?


logolith riff

come out with the Dutchman—William Burroughs

he is just a small fracture
a god dancing behind the screen there
tugging the words like teeth
from our mouths I made him broken

in the forest shades before waking
come out with your hands
at least
come out come out whoever I tell him

you owe me adoration............ it is now vital
that we get this wrong
that this train does not move it only waits

for time to dial in a new station

on the wheels a new fix
over and over the same time
come out with the Dutch
man-woman-cloud He only becomes
...........................real if I rub His lamp

watch now hush
the bushes shake shake

the beginning of the world is, uh, nigh