Wednesday, May 26, 2010

at owl bridge a hanging

she sits there in front of me
she has all the assumption of authority
& I am only here to be told what to do
guided you want to put it like that
adjudicated upon you want to put it
through the desk I can't help think
this is a porn movie set she is quite large
her bare arms ripple slightly like long tulips
I can do it anyway if required merely
a kiss can set me off like a kite
she looks to me forty eight alcoholic unhealthy
bitter she looks I imagine her lying back
over the desk like cheese somehow
my shades descending but these moments
of fantasy pass and love now comes upon me
I love you I tell her I love you
I wish we had met earlier when I was still young
I understand that she feels challenged by my love
but I don't know what is script and what is me
are you mad she says
I don't know I say I thought you would tell me
okay she says I will chance everything
come and show me how mad you are
her little dog yaps at our feet as we do it
there on the Rubella leaflets and free condoms
she takes on a neck flush as we separate
yes she says
you are mad
I will refer you
to the madness people
oh I say
I thought maybe I was
but wasn't sure
as my madness settles down
into my lower limbs
like flamingoes upon a lake
waves and wind flowing out
she a sheer octopus
feeling herself quick to see what's missing
our mouths somehow
stuck together fright
all over us like turtles heading
out into the deep blue
frightened by a song offshore
oh baby I say
fuck she says and the frets
already rolling


Monday, May 24, 2010

lights over the Lune

is it true that when Beefheart then a vacuum cleaner salesman
by chaQNCe met the Grea=t Aldous Huxley on a doorstep
and in a moment of fear and amoksha did point to a specimen
of his wares and cry aloud sir this sucks? <<>> aldous being blind
took this as a general utterance of discontent and admonished
gently the disaffected young man he saw hanging in his thoughts
above a blue pool wherein did disport various fishes and mokshamen
a gulf then there was with only an unseen vacuum to fill it
Mr Beefheart sensing this whipped up once more his dogs & swung north



the desert lilt of it as though some ethereal caravan
was crashing nearby tinkerbells above the deep Omission
his finger his hat pointing cactus needle speculum and spike
you anther you anther at some point every man must consider
the transplanting of body parts must yearn for the hastening
of stem cell reality wire me up O that I may emerge fixed
but no he didn't think like that come on though oh come on
who would you be who given the chance but no he who didn't
in his caravan of souls what cliché pointing stabbing grabbing
heat and air what from the body is it possible he says is it active
is it a head on a stick that we might or might now not well is it?
or has this been tested how many years do you want taken away
captain my captain of wavetops & outcrops here he says hold
it for me & feel free to pump for it is loaded already but this
is not how our sink comes about startled as an ass at dawn
oh this discovery that every which and all anyway on the roof
all of us hold tight to our little things lest sucked away
we get and overcome sick as little dogs red red strawberry
douse it now before fire emerges from the forceps you you
he says again you it is you of whom I speak devil clutch for
I will at candle hour remember those lost watches
soft as out they outgas


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

half-assed poetry reading with Crowleyan headgear

Keep meaning to get around to doing more of these, and doing it better. This was the first Youtube one anyway.


Monday, May 10, 2010

the move around

a man walking by sees the burning
of course he remarks upon it to his companion
who happens to be his wife who he met years ago
at a student party it was touch and go back then
because he was unimpressed by her physique
similarly she was less than impressed
and thought he was a drunkard who shouted
in kitchens further back she was anyway
not inclined to give him a break
because of his association with shouty boys and he was
wow disinclined to approach
in the later lamplight they lurked and lurked
now and though they are all of love and
love's secrets look at them there
in the firelight attack
which of them would you prefer to be?
the long haired hassassin or the woman
who has no boundaries cloud
me I got no preference any old shit
will do in this life at the edge of the waterfall
clutching my cock
running out greenfaced greatcoat fungal hark
scaring the kids
I am a bad man of paper paper
you should hang on your wall
beans all down my face
how about you you in love or what?

been a while


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

some elevations of the limpet in fierce cloud

a thing like limpets in the wash
as the whole ocean floods over
mouth to mouth can you imagine?
really mouth and the world
how important this can seem
no it is too vast to pass over
in the heather in the streams
the flutters that run down
opened out into sunlight as
they widen now here branches
stop it look again look at it
at night the rivers go quiet
still mouths [singing] as though
the waters that made them
were not yet finished like
survival was this last flick
of the body on the field
no no if this doesn't work
now cling with your mouth


lost loves dance in Time

the flower the steel and titanium flower
that opens inside the man who is looking
as hard as he can at his lover's breasts

pornography is known to wreck humans
there's no way out of this


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

song for Richard and Karen

seemed like Quantum Mechanics had entered a social scene
in the firelight each of us suspiciously attempting support
he sat there wretched in it all she was out there somewhere
looking for him he felt her like a searchlight over Cologne
with Song For Karen playing in the back he laughed even he
had to laugh when it said goodbye Richard it was like an omen
he must look back on this time and shiver for a door had opened
in the wind and he had only half stepped through it there he
wavered between these magnetic forces trivially swaying
like any of us attempting to lighten the unbearable she arrived
vigorously and took him home I don't know what happened next
but the other woman Jo I think went back to her dentistry alone
down the arches of our slender adulthood small forces rang out
some violation over the lake across the fields far back in the woods
this woman sitting in a bath covered in feathers it is hard to believe
but there amongst the terraces these really were such times


Sunday, May 02, 2010

marvels from the East

so underwater as they are make me dream
of octopus—Madeleine Shine

oh god oh god he keeps saying and this
is half an hour after the fact no reason that he should still
be thrashing and moaning like that oh god oh god oh shut up
she lies there waiting for this to subside
eventually she says oh look I have to sleep now
yes he says but I can't stop something has happened
I can't stop coming and look and here he whips up
the sheets and says look how the head of my cock
now glows greeny blue and fluorescent it is because
now I understand all things all politics and all of nature
this is now my node and my zone and my antenna
what have you done to me I feel that I am now
almost a god oh god oh god
yes she says almost a god you are darlin
now tell me about it in the morning
now turn your dick off please for at all times I hate blue lights

into the night alone oh god