Monday, May 10, 2010

the move around

a man walking by sees the burning
of course he remarks upon it to his companion
who happens to be his wife who he met years ago
at a student party it was touch and go back then
because he was unimpressed by her physique
similarly she was less than impressed
and thought he was a drunkard who shouted
in kitchens further back she was anyway
not inclined to give him a break
because of his association with shouty boys and he was
wow disinclined to approach
in the later lamplight they lurked and lurked
now and though they are all of love and
love's secrets look at them there
in the firelight attack
which of them would you prefer to be?
the long haired hassassin or the woman
who has no boundaries cloud
me I got no preference any old shit
will do in this life at the edge of the waterfall
clutching my cock
running out greenfaced greatcoat fungal hark
scaring the kids
I am a bad man of paper paper
you should hang on your wall
beans all down my face
how about you you in love or what?

been a while


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