Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dmitri's secret dissent in the parrot axis (impetrarc sonnet)

(to his loving wraith, Suliko ...)

whether (it) were (Shostakovich) in the mind
of the Leningrad metronome—the dead
resistant pulse of a city ... life-lined,
thin, hollow—(was) the subsistent onward /z/ed
of a living corpse propagandized into legend
.("... Baby, Zed's dead"—Pulp Fiction) end (war) to end
all (beat); the rat-walk; the invasion themed
(water or feet) or scurry—(for all) immanentizing of despair
a (-) semic shift—Stalin's Walk perhaps re-dreamed
by Pixar—[¿memed?] resistance en plein air
.....(not) .........his polysemics on display for all (to see)
—at home he pulses with the secrecy
they'll never even know (how hard)—their fall (or call)
he feels with music, pride and secret glee


Monday, January 25, 2016

primus inter pares as pathology

all that big stuff she says how showy how
now too big for poetry keep it undramatic no
big words no climactics or adornings resist meaning
interest and the urge to didacticism for it
as though some pidgin yes how lookee
we are pre-creole in our perhaps trinket-junkets
shattered and bereft along like foam the beaches of Marseilles
and Syracuse and new fabrics like lollipop martyrs
in ruinated Leptis what history a lens to examine the fall of light
between future reflection and here the passing
breaking wave a waking flood-node origo a pulse or what a period what of we
think how these junglee ferals of apertures
close and how there will have been
have been the age of smoking the age of cancers
the age of a primus inter pares affect when
the default script of even the most peaceful
handed down with the carnivorism the hero-complex
that you are not striking appearance she will say later
having left the other now little more than a bag
carried off and this the children so cruel learning
of her complaint made fun carrier bag his wrist
a smoothless clunk and click of the unlubricated
she all abdomen as all wilted balloon shrinking
back to a little puff in which all of future immanence
of origo-bang therein uncontained in joy at this aging so
granted immoderacy and eccentre by her position
in time will now frolic as never before
settling in her own sand
become like Billie
all finally



Saturday, January 16, 2016

some mischief
the scarecrow's splash
from the well


Thursday, January 14, 2016

articles of a pantomime ghazal at this odeon near you

the anxiety of breathing under conscious(....)
control-the-tiny-filament that0separates
the animal in the brush from sunlight
[will do it for us now][death also autonomic]

scattering the focus the you the I the in
between penumbra of persistence only
the will and the wight who is that who
)echoic) O

will/s not and yet waits

sand is to glass, un-echo


Sunday, January 10, 2016

broken trees
stuck on a weir
the end of things