Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the wild joyous stink of everything

this is a dead smell
a lay-low smell
a silvery zing of carrion is in this
reek across the houses-half-human, visionary
an underworld sonar revealing the activity
of tissue wastage.four dead days, no more.but then
the deposition of de-clawed badgers at the roadside
from speeding cars.alcohol and the hugeness
of that almost-teenage, almost-world.
the human hands of moles.the froth.the mephitis
of punctuation sent alongside as mere outriders
merely to announce
all of this disaster again

with the slit window in the gritstone wall
with the delfs like trolls upon the hillside
with the bird unrecognisable upon your antenna
disturbing your reception
with the sun low, deep and steep, flat
with the bat that squats upon your heart now

this poem will not ever again write itself

I got to give you: that's fast

just mouth to mouth like utter starfish
everything ending everything in the sheer abandoned badger clamp-
kiss.yeah, London calling.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

oh always lots of drivers

world leaders are divided

to support Eurozone countries in trouble
but it is of course complete nonsense
staggers on we will not have
I think this is important

the right reverend Christopher Hill:
thousands of people
the countdown
the transport plans were in place
but there were areas of concern

Monday then, how hard how deep how
birds flying crying
yeah hardcore

I don't talk of a process derivative
before we go

at Midnight


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


warmness isn't your favourite
you think there is a little section between warmness
and coolness that is your favourite
that's nice;it's true as well
fanfare;trumpet, oh cello
Schubert, I think
maybe they paid him in shoes
I'm not saying anything
you'll write it down

I never went in there, not after the rats
what's the matter?

never got over that either

no because the thing is you can't
do it on purpose

I've said it, though
whose is it?



the pair
of them were wild
when they got together
dancing like hares in the purple



it's gone
the way of words
 the fi-e-ry dipthong
so rhyming it with eyrie now
ain't wrong



he's due
a huge payout
he bet his stash on black
with all that dough I'd bet his wife
comes back



too much
and not enough
of alcohol and sleep
these stairs have never seemed so long
so steep


Monday, May 21, 2012

sign language (for Charlie)

laser beams ever where
smoke and smoke and smoke
bang and
I blundered half-naked
into you


really men should be in charge

what of Tarzan and the Nietzsche Nazi thing?

you wouldn't believe it, so no

Hollywood slots us as perverse, evil
though easily thwarted by the all-American guy
our accents attractive but testament to our weakness
our fay weakness, our fay weakness and susceptibility
our fay weakness and pumpkin and wider ear

me out guv.innit.all night one coulda talked of sexism
after ALL.lord and master she says like that there
in the jungool.but you would.when no one else
can understand me when everything I do.com

may you rest all peaceful and ragged
may your hairdo be wild and bombed out
that#s the wonder no he said noxxx like the nozzle
or schnozzle get this they used to collapse

with busted eardrums when those schnorkels
went under imagine it wasn't until the Beaufort
and later US coverage around Iceland did you
hear of that rotten shark would you?really who

do you like best Dönitz or Guderian, the goodwives
of Nazijelly, or eek as Aprille breedeth cruelle
fleurs upoff the dead.those iron casks fulla
beards.O but real may you lay low if necess
may you fly low/high

whatver ths s not ths


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

the sound of a train wheel slicing the body of a cat

a nice little housewife
who'll give me a steady life
and not keep going off the rails
take your hands off me—found poem

when you see me fly away without you
shadow on the things you know—Neil Young

he leaves in a state of profound opposites
all the way home
here are the tracks where something, at night, passed

joy/unjoy/boy [at every moment the language
in collapse in freefall here we squat in the ruined city
unsure how to use the columns the arches
the rain white and wide upon the moor
great wall-builders were these giants]
what do you mean say what you mean mean
or do not mean.each with equal conviction meaning
emptiness like a fire.
say out there who were you
the people who were you
is what I/we mean/do not mean or mean

oneself one's ultimate meaning
POV that sort of pornography
the arc of the f-stop the exploitation Eastern European
heroin addiction forced into that by this
but if just oneself is it still?
looking down? the fall the Fall the all-fall
understanding/standing under
let the LIGHT etc

every day again the child alarm at 15:05
(in wartime the Ministry of Defence issues a request
that all children must gather and surrender
conkers to be cooked into acetone
into cordite into trinitrotoluene that shall indeed
rain down as trollfall that rumbles or guffaws
from yea the Heights)

don't stop just don't stop
it doesn't hurt enough yet
pet/petal/catapetl/catafract/catalypse sips upon sips unzips
another yet another trail of breadcrumbs
leading away from Present Time
oh really just don't
your form is ing ongo/ing Present Continuous
but the Future/as always/the Present
arch and gripped 
with all the shaking Past

bells slow the all night moor.(and) waterloft shrikes

(no one will ever read this poem
not this poem)


Monday, May 07, 2012

sink, wane

just ain't my thing
I don't like other folks
all damn night long they try to tell
me jokes


Friday, May 04, 2012


are my new thing
made from unwanted pets
I buy them soon after Christmas
from vets


Thursday, May 03, 2012

pantoumbaric cunnilinguosh BLAST

the madbastad bear from the backyabyond
wanders in yeah a little dull hits the bar like
Davey sCrockett yeah upon that tree says set em up
the barkeep a little dull hits the bar from the backyabyond
slides one over a little dull the bar the bear 
the madbastad bear reaches out a little dull but hits
tears off his face the barkeep's face now a little dull
hits the bar like Davey sCrockett at the Alamo

I myself says the madbastad bear am a little dull
and require whisky if you mess with me you 
will die quicker than a advertised fuck on eBear
the moosefaces rush no hasten to supply
filling an feeling that if so there will be a trail
back to madbastadbearland, a trail of spreadcrumbs

of daveysprocketts deepdown oh think what
would you do confronted with only a tree
and a bar werner herzegovina made pictures 
of this of this of this all night the owls scratch
on the tiles the aisle tiles that awready pile

now uttly dulled

Davey raises the steaks
bowie nothing silver Colt

see I told ya
this is what
perfume machinery
the big bad