Monday, May 21, 2012

really men should be in charge

what of Tarzan and the Nietzsche Nazi thing?

you wouldn't believe it, so no

Hollywood slots us as perverse, evil
though easily thwarted by the all-American guy
our accents attractive but testament to our weakness
our fay weakness, our fay weakness and susceptibility
our fay weakness and pumpkin and wider ear

me out guv.innit.all night one coulda talked of sexism
after ALL.lord and master she says like that there
in the jungool.but you would.when no one else
can understand me when everything I

may you rest all peaceful and ragged
may your hairdo be wild and bombed out
that#s the wonder no he said noxxx like the nozzle
or schnozzle get this they used to collapse

with busted eardrums when those schnorkels
went under imagine it wasn't until the Beaufort
and later US coverage around Iceland did you
hear of that rotten shark would you?really who

do you like best Dönitz or Guderian, the goodwives
of Nazijelly, or eek as Aprille breedeth cruelle
fleurs upoff the dead.those iron casks fulla
beards.O but real may you lay low if necess
may you fly low/high

whatver ths s not ths


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