Thursday, May 29, 2008

three gogs, one, more gogs, more

............................slick as vampire night
she turns her head shows her teeth
quite white ..........................but extended
the skin on her forearms bunched

folded freckled female-male
over the canal, over the river canal water slick
of shine reflect of towers of cloud
it focuses, draws in............................gathers

what now, what now
there are clocks exploding on walls
light refracts through yellow liquid

make up your mind make up make your
drunken air bounds this frontier
like animals are released do you
give yourself permission here, do you
teeter on night's parapet with dreams
.................(with snakes sloughing skins

) of dark lights she slumps soft
integument falls around her
fear of herself, absence
hoping only for anthemics

as though
as though you could fly/crash
on a nearest hillside
loved/warm in moss
open your cavemouth
and say Aah

even out there
this might just sting a bit

the sky all red with bells

all red winter in its gathering


Sunday, May 18, 2008

fucking your neighbour at midnight

it vanishes quickly but even in sheer darkness

the moment itself for crying deep is not lost
like tempora or gouache even frottage laid
deep as a Marianas turkeyshoot has a place
among the splaid mountains of the deeps, the crying of Europe
in 1947 when the Japanese fleet approaches
the coast of California--fuck all this he say aloud
I am a deep fool only in my indress, nothing else here
is the places so much where you belong. feel safe. Feel this
bigness belonging to such deep orders of the mad
and callous, I don't know even now
anything about history, only its pauses
to take breath. Tomorrow we will feel like all fuck you
different as deep cARPfish. Himmler walking home undressed
to a Bavaria poisoned stifled are you still here?
Yes, Europe laid bare of bachelors even. We have no
no we do not even enter. only these deep winds of ash
now shakes our nights. the vastness
the shaking, the medication of our deep violence
all these
surrender soft into minutes of arc

for the crying deep, deeper
but still