Monday, October 29, 2012

fixing the faulty clock

this early the uncertainty of anything
overwritten by memories into a palimpsest
of the other but the other other
that's not good let it grow further
a silver spaceman by the river
who cares not to jump
the boys made a 24 hour clock
but stopped after some guidance
at 29 and then only after some persuasion
like gazelles who had run too far
out onto the ice and had seen the dark shapes
moving below
in this manner we fixed ourselves
and went in to dine
like alchymic pelicans bubbling, burgeoning
and could not shut up
the gold that spilled below
she has sensed my horror
and she will not easily return
to the waterhole
all night at the hide the huge noise
of one small frog
has the buffalo dancing though skitterish
as maidens in mythology
this vast mouth such
awaits the fearful shelving and frost
O Sylvia up there on the hilltop no
there is nothing
I am afraid


sure as sisters in black snow

her sister says be sure
her sister says remember
what happened befure
how you got dismember
so this time be pure

and the face the face
the hands the hands
off it on it
like a scotch bonnit
so hot baby what you got
but all tonight
down the west wall
sadness leaks like flutes
after snow-down
like cold moths
breath making leaves and dead stars


blood minor 7th

this is so exciting
blood all across the crash site
a thing rising through the bubbles down there
for all his talents from the public mind
the blackness of all this, the sparks
that rain into the day, all day, mind you
all day and the radios down
the film frozen in a face
a small boy from nowhere
runs in, leaps through the fire
straight down the well
everyone moving now
gathered at the well-wall
looking down
howling that great wet watery howl

down down
the wishing well
where O he fell
E fucking minor

so long oh honey baby
where I'm bound


Monday, October 22, 2012


salvoes of Katyusha
before you commit
get everything out
because Love
is like the gates of Berlin


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

of ten committed hours

 before he initiates and delivers the desired results
I'll keep you all posted

we may see a delay in the launch
of 10
it is now Monday in his land
he began work on researching the Mark's habits
and vulnerabilities

we have hired a contractor
he has committed

to a certain number of hours
of background
and delivers the desired rexults

it is now Monday in his land

we may see a contractor
he has the desired results
of 10 committed hours


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

all of us anyway stink

jareeb jareeb this is what he says by the pool
spare me Douglas do this one time for me
we doing Fenni in Goa
late night
it is disgusting splash another
all of us thinking of nothing but murder
no he says, not Jareeb
someone drives a Vespa scooter into the pool
why not anyway
Jareeb Jareeb, like crickets or prime numbers
only then do you start to see the ghosts
rise through the blue chlorinated mess
all of us stink
tomorrow some dead elephant on the beach
must be buried before it's too late
erupt like chainsaws
sca esca links maillons proto-maillons
slick down the cliff-cave bellhoused
bell bell unbell all-flowered


holes in everything

this cheese like all cheese this dressing gown this frown
this iron green-grown giant that kicks in the door
the sick stuff when it flew all red and thick stuff
but no no the giant who walked in with fists
like sheep whoof he says whoof what now
will you do, little poet? in the valley the river
has risen and the road surfaces are sliding off
your new sex toys have become an embarrassment
you want now to throw them in a ditch, walk home
in the rain. we have no fortitude now. we are not
the Red Army so determined.only this little last thing
are we as the waves the waves lave up