Monday, October 29, 2012

fixing the faulty clock

this early the uncertainty of anything
overwritten by memories into a palimpsest
of the other but the other other
that's not good let it grow further
a silver spaceman by the river
who cares not to jump
the boys made a 24 hour clock
but stopped after some guidance
at 29 and then only after some persuasion
like gazelles who had run too far
out onto the ice and had seen the dark shapes
moving below
in this manner we fixed ourselves
and went in to dine
like alchymic pelicans bubbling, burgeoning
and could not shut up
the gold that spilled below
she has sensed my horror
and she will not easily return
to the waterhole
all night at the hide the huge noise
of one small frog
has the buffalo dancing though skitterish
as maidens in mythology
this vast mouth such
awaits the fearful shelving and frost
O Sylvia up there on the hilltop no
there is nothing
I am afraid


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