Wednesday, January 29, 2014

when the levels uplit the levels

half of this and half of that
as though such draughts
and the house half full of ghosts
of the interior and interior
reckoning, for only then

as though some judgement or determination
from on high
as a kite flying low over the levels
it comes
knocking at three am
what you ask what
but it stands there pale
as harvests as half-eated bad moons with no faces

that anyone would recognise such things
at all is beyond
the pale/faced and tied
to the pole squirming before the denouement
where yes all that
as expected oh

it's love
and nothing at all
just a plane that fell from the sky
in pieces like ashen snow
just a boy
sick with it
off school


Monday, January 27, 2014

Misanther Panther

that got scientists thinking


in making the concept of entropy precise
any of his comments had an open mind
which represents rank and enfilade do you
overstep the mark not much short
of blood loss involved in a member
of its own affairs—he gave them the slip
by getting no idea is that true it can be EEK
shaken off simply by getting relocation
powers the difference everything they could
in the succession of firstborn girls to push
it through in one day—stay right where
you are in a single day in the opposite direction
unaltered even with incomplete reassurance-
an old question back into the consciousness
no other frontiers
whose lands had been,
I felt, deeply ashamed 
(finally after centuries it steps out, the PANTHer the ThInG)

...........................[it didn't work] ****

veering later, backing in the commons
at the forefront of arguing 
year on year he too has shaped
the voices of the living/their/appalling/histories

now, now they saw a chance to do the same 

the whole land has become


Sunday, January 26, 2014


Saturday, January 25, 2014

this black beam that can't support its own light

all around the lake below Cat Bells lemon drizzle

one of those days when all your teeth somehow don't quite fit

that's me and you Iris, far off on that bridge, look

it's that time again when the big hand points to nothing

of nothing the big lake
full of monkeys the car slips quietly into the river

6 am not a bell ringing anywhere

one by one the frozen crows fall off the wire

if I had a pound for every time I'd have nothing

this and that most of all this

under the ice your early face beautiful frog

8 am who doesn't need a servant?

all up and down the eastern wall that maddening flute

it's not quite Winter not until you too start snowing

in all of my dreams that vast black bird stamps upon the ice

love's first shiver my third eye takes a second glance

Elvis came by
on his bike
pale as a duck

girlfriend in tree by the pale gate tooth problem

another bowl half full of dead friends

up from the aliment new snow all over the table

fragment and phrase oh shut your mouth how can you say

blue knives at midnight by the garage a frog hops by

melting frost down the wire you old crow half full of love

gumph like suddenly a head in an ashtray

night's hurricane
in the morning
we lie like lost leaves


Monday, January 13, 2014

wormy as the copper bottom

found three boys rotted onshore
or half so as squids, half-human and one still fancy
oh you mary sailors
child from salty shadow she crieth
what then of you, child of herringbones
you severy purpoose and freet?
and the while the wavebirds in their keg-leg-longings
of pups and rots and if you swaiver
face up to a seven side-on, breaching
the son-keel we'll give you then, listen there
on watch, for we abaft
the fortitudes, the runnings, the most of all
the berm and discount at 45 no 35
the goodwin the shocks and socks
the layingdown and the timber below
in the floors and strings that hold
and all beside out-cocks the blow