Tuesday, October 25, 2011

in glimpses in small hours of the marsh mallow

living there like that with no head
and everyone looking through the trees
you'd have to ask
you'd want to know
if the flame that walks alongside
had the appearance of a marsh fire
a Saint Elmo thing that plays at night
around his main and mizzen
or super-mizzen as of a yawl or caterwaul
imagine that, squat there in the rising fog
and silence as little balls of light
that appeared over the slough at just before midnight
hung there a while then vanished
dead cells he thought dead cells that ignited
with inner mystic rotational fire something anyway
of lower orders not godly or angelic merely fire
catalysed up from some disaster of the personal tissue
some dream thing some downthrowing of the state
in metaphor or cataphor as of a marsh wight
or marsh mallow as is now seldom seen
a willow or wisp that strikes upon one's eyes
then vanishes wholly away in sight-echoes
whereupon he squats harder, more brooding
in the consciousness of those unreeling years
only again, only


Monday, October 24, 2011

some things I meant to mention

in the trees near the river a duck with no bill
thwarted forever by a morsel of bread with which it would fill
a hit or more hits suddenly the Hyper-Lamarckian Moment [the HLM]
held up its duckmirror and gasped aloud
such a gasp as would disturb to its eyeteeth
every duck along that stretch like an electric bolt that crackled blue and purple
yea unto that duck stood aloud upward it did
some jumped off at the shock and some in the nearfield teeter
see one smaller duck bad of attitude and uncurled inside
into places came creeping quiet but frosted all over like dicing
alighted then and there at the door the deposits the shale
you baby he says you, baby—you baby
without a bill with you
I could live forever
the screen closes in it is all of frost and metasquawk
there's nothing you can't do with no bill
not now not out here
in the wider duckland


Thursday, October 13, 2011

failing to deliver

there would be little to say on this subject
were it not for the nonsense that has been talked about it

-- Lewis Namier

the keys
have been lost
let us look for the keys in the dark
internally displaced
we seek the keys
the police were building up

suddenly the lights came on

backed up by the satellite pictures
the keys lit up
down there in a hole by the door
in response to the latest allegations

the reported allegations
the latest evidence
a fairly substantial
vehicle on the ground
a viable device
a track record
killings of civilians

one reaches down for the keys
lifts them
inserts one
opens the door

you are listening to the News
from the BBC
right on Lake Ontario
right across the US
right in the middle of a campus
right of their belief
right, besides absolutely the bigger picture, what next?
Syracuse, Rochester
in these areas plucked incredibly
during the worst

we advise never to full-time/a few hours at night
just they can survive on your radar
he said buffalo he said buffalo
to live

one month's rent
I need you to find a priest
you're not asking too much
at last I can find some peace
a little guy
I could never forget
a lost boy
yes he did
a little face appeared
speaking to the world today

she and so many others
when they go back home
about survival
from the South
when you look back
does it seem like another life?

study something
biology I was hoping
get some engineer, water
I go to school
if you go back from America
what will it take?

a long time? knowledge the knowledge
is a terrible thing also joining us
in the programme in the headlines
in the presence in the region
two foreign aid workers
even now it is coming up to 4:30 GMT
good morning this is the shipping bulletin

warnings of whales in south-east riceland viking hard
or good?

Germans bite Thames over-
fair 3 or 4 very poor
Fitzroy increasing 5

fast net

shannon, sharon
occasionally poor
at times
from coastal stations

falling more slowly

light vessel.mist.channelling drizzle and rain

inshore waters.Friday 14th.weak fronts.rattery.Reichstag.occasionally

lands end

fog patches in the west.not really.later.there in the south or east it is half past five.
debt crisis in park litter-bins.in sport.he won't ride again.

a plan to be approved from Paris.

constituency paperwork. a spokeswoman.

lost from the public sector accused of complicity
he insists there is no alternative to his leadership.

the Euro has fallen
which means to return
in the first place
but the idea
who we really are

we have been looking at changes



Monday, October 10, 2011


the upside and the snake
the new fettle
that crashes even before
the wave hits
sideways then the coming-on
the gear-shift
all around my ladder
they start the little
shining people apples
dropping and fairies
upstarting they are as things of myth
but not
they are as the truckle of dawn
and as the night that sweeps
in beneath
the far lights over the sea
so low
so low and light
and only like the light that stops
when it alights
when they are gone
my heart of light
kicks again

fĂȘted bird-pilgrim
of light
have you also seen this?



Wednesday, October 05, 2011

semi-Buddhist revs over a bar in Dublin

ke ytou
my way
take your hands say
a greek sea monster
what about me
in the sails
heady life off the rails
i don't belong
my face for the last time
c'est belou
good bye


Monday, October 03, 2011

dismays of the rotoflarf

the evidence the fluid eyes of killers

someone laid their fingers
on a bra clasp

this woman is not what you wanted her to be

ash keeps falling, heaping up

something awful, no doubt
to the whole truth

fingers on a bra clasp
evaporating like men
rushing into a crime scene
kicking over bottles
smoking Italian cigarettes

so many ings building up
not a noun to be seen

at the bottom of the well of all this
a girl