Thursday, October 13, 2011

failing to deliver

there would be little to say on this subject
were it not for the nonsense that has been talked about it

-- Lewis Namier

the keys
have been lost
let us look for the keys in the dark
internally displaced
we seek the keys
the police were building up

suddenly the lights came on

backed up by the satellite pictures
the keys lit up
down there in a hole by the door
in response to the latest allegations

the reported allegations
the latest evidence
a fairly substantial
vehicle on the ground
a viable device
a track record
killings of civilians

one reaches down for the keys
lifts them
inserts one
opens the door

you are listening to the News
from the BBC
right on Lake Ontario
right across the US
right in the middle of a campus
right of their belief
right, besides absolutely the bigger picture, what next?
Syracuse, Rochester
in these areas plucked incredibly
during the worst

we advise never to full-time/a few hours at night
just they can survive on your radar
he said buffalo he said buffalo
to live

one month's rent
I need you to find a priest
you're not asking too much
at last I can find some peace
a little guy
I could never forget
a lost boy
yes he did
a little face appeared
speaking to the world today

she and so many others
when they go back home
about survival
from the South
when you look back
does it seem like another life?

study something
biology I was hoping
get some engineer, water
I go to school
if you go back from America
what will it take?

a long time? knowledge the knowledge
is a terrible thing also joining us
in the programme in the headlines
in the presence in the region
two foreign aid workers
even now it is coming up to 4:30 GMT
good morning this is the shipping bulletin

warnings of whales in south-east riceland viking hard
or good?

Germans bite Thames over-
fair 3 or 4 very poor
Fitzroy increasing 5

fast net

shannon, sharon
occasionally poor
at times
from coastal stations

falling more slowly

light vessel.mist.channelling drizzle and rain

inshore waters.Friday 14th.weak fronts.rattery.Reichstag.occasionally

lands end

fog patches in the west.not really.later.there in the south or east it is half past five.
debt crisis in park sport.he won't ride again.

a plan to be approved from Paris.

constituency paperwork. a spokeswoman.

lost from the public sector accused of complicity
he insists there is no alternative to his leadership.

the Euro has fallen
which means to return
in the first place
but the idea
who we really are

we have been looking at changes



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