Wednesday, January 27, 2010

item this

item 250556951567 on ebay is the head of a panther
red mouthed panther gold eyed mounted item this item
is the powdered skull of a panther taken as a prize
by an Algonquin in 1840 in a near miss he found it hiding
out in a hollow log from the mist and magic of Yellow Rain Snakes
a coyote also a coyote he found at lurk amongst the population
poking in a burning he stick he found in the lightning to drive
out the lurkful watch of panthers from the hollows within
the panther and anther powder comes in a phial a secret phial
it can easily be added to a drink to prolong life all along to make strong
the vigour the virile force the vital esprit de corps or used as an ichor
to augment the eye's core the coyote also was taken though the extraction
of his thereaway member from the hollows with which he had tried
to flush the panther puma brought about disaster on the Algonquin
whose head powder is also of the listed items 250570583394
in sudden defaults of dizzy fits the Algonquin a man then found
himself though still proud quite weak and sick and died there
in the arms of panthers and coyotes alone from all his humans
it is why the power has massed up here alongside in the skull powder
in tides of light dust it may have become radioactive and then bad
to the touch


tiny fish

all day I felt like a waterfall was breaking through my chest

that birds flew in and out of the rainbow spray

nothing assailed this vision
nothing became stagnant or blackened

the water that fell there ran white down to the sea
with tiny fish borne along speaking in bubbles

and there it dived beyond human comprehension
into deep trenches
where unknown creatures wafted and swayed

I alone of the pirates
had made it back


licorice for this small act

the man gets drunk stands on the table and pisses
all over the velvet jacket of his frizzy host
he is ostracised for this small act he tells himself I am a bad man

much later he grows a beard he takes to eating mice
sitting by the river all Autumn look the delightful
cavorting of young otters just before they reach his net

in which he and they swell
red and bloody tumulus

always certain from childhood
that one day he would be eaten alive upside down
in the shades by his own cock


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

politic heliocline

100 metres down everyone becomes Mickey Mouse

look a nudibranch poster

if there was ever life here it is bread now with giant hands
mulching it squeezing it into the mouth
it comes on like that as though illness was a fashion

you agree with me he says over and over you agree you do

the whole nation gets excited
whenever a politician is caught fucking a sheep
but really it is a young willing sheep
that pushes back

there is now nothing to answer


Monday, January 25, 2010

the aeroplane birth of some slight nations

even unladen a toilet in the West is roughly egg shaped from above
while from below it looks like a cabriole leg with elephantiasis

rendered in the wide white smooth coral of private parts
that skirmish in the mouth like the Roman porcelanosa pretty pig

O this in itself could explain some of the monstrous births
that have littered the playing fields of Europe since 1916 and

what would you do if while slicking it to glory across the mudflaps
suddenly a thick and non-local hybrid of birdlife eschscholtzia grabbed at your crotch?

this could make you re-examine the entire history
under which you had calabashed for so long

no maybe no but nothing ever even in the snow survives past infancy
while there is a flute at the Eastern Wall crying for sleep


Monday, January 11, 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I became irritated/imitated/discovered/recovered how to peck—approx' Jim Crace

sixteen degrees of self-medicated bipolar night
sixteen years—night—old now old he/she
leaves is (anabasis) not seen again
—a cell-archive found later full of forgeries

[opium was sometimes administered
either as an act of mercy or as a way of preventing fainting

interpolations/bells—rises leaves
he is found to be impossible she sits nearby
look how cold it is only yesterday I could have sworn
he never spoke like that leaves rises
what did he mean Autumn (filled with wire?)
runs backward will I become him again then again?
(nested within the chart of accounts) it is only our sadness that alights like that we tell her
it happens then it can't be unfolded to crow againبنویسید تا در پایین‌ترین ویرایشگر به خط فارسی‌ تبدیل شود. متن نوشته شده را می‌توان به صورت مستقیم ایمیل کرد، به صورت فایل در کامپیوتر ذخیره
it breaks and gushes (a cup of sun and so I tried it too—Shunryu Suzuki)
out through the male amnion wall 凌遲 it shines it shears
it rears it folds back, you, back
—back into itself pecking child of the pelican plucks blood from its breast
sucks it in—sutra-stuff-baggage of wilt & caramel—& there it ashes at its own feet

all Autumn maybe more there is more.........(wanna hear)
........—rock n roll radio-tissue-voice
/////////////from the empty room ..................................(a joke?)

life is too short to splice wire rope—Bernard Moitessier