Thursday, January 07, 2010


I became irritated/imitated/discovered/recovered how to peck—approx' Jim Crace

sixteen degrees of self-medicated bipolar night
sixteen years—night—old now old he/she
leaves is (anabasis) not seen again
—a cell-archive found later full of forgeries

[opium was sometimes administered
either as an act of mercy or as a way of preventing fainting

interpolations/bells—rises leaves
he is found to be impossible she sits nearby
look how cold it is only yesterday I could have sworn
he never spoke like that leaves rises
what did he mean Autumn (filled with wire?)
runs backward will I become him again then again?
(nested within the chart of accounts) it is only our sadness that alights like that we tell her
it happens then it can't be unfolded to crow againبنویسید تا در پایین‌ترین ویرایشگر به خط فارسی‌ تبدیل شود. متن نوشته شده را می‌توان به صورت مستقیم ایمیل کرد، به صورت فایل در کامپیوتر ذخیره
it breaks and gushes (a cup of sun and so I tried it too—Shunryu Suzuki)
out through the male amnion wall 凌遲 it shines it shears
it rears it folds back, you, back
—back into itself pecking child of the pelican plucks blood from its breast
sucks it in—sutra-stuff-baggage of wilt & caramel—& there it ashes at its own feet

all Autumn maybe more there is more.........(wanna hear)
........—rock n roll radio-tissue-voice
/////////////from the empty room ..................................(a joke?)

life is too short to splice wire rope—Bernard Moitessier


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Stunning read aloud. You should post the link, here.