Thursday, December 31, 2009

caving that could have been could have had had the monster not been sighted early

the bright ^^heart rings over the hit or miss governor
sad though it seems in the little-(((90()child spotted lost
a new thing rises like corru?-&*gated plastic its limit..../?ations
sure like fire sure like the absence of angelic force////////

so she in all memory of cloakrooms inert in her concern
of staid fatherhood the occasional violence so it took her

as mechanics this not this this not this
in the garden some eventual escape

eventually a place like that a place
from where to claim something
not O not merely a place
a place from where to look down

into those phreatics to claim as vital forces

those phreatics look those
vadose those dread passages

wherein one might

if oh""""%£££ haha the 5y5monster.../// hand not reached in
haha had not ript it all out ha is that all that is left
of you now? fathre56%mudre...$)?/0000000-----------------------------

round an round the race track the little tractors came anooooooooooooooooooooooo
one went off the edge
and three (((burst into flame)))

look there has been a thing
we can't talk of it###even no# no#


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