Sunday, December 06, 2009


Sky TV is amazing just a couple of months
and you know almost everything there is to know
for instance did you know that everyone was a cannibal?
no, see, but it's true, those Neanderthals you thought
ate grass and sang river songs petting each other
with big stupid placid grins like bovines no
they were all munching each others haunches

every chance they got you couldn't go to sleep back then
and hope to wake up with limbs crikey no that's why
they died out from sheer tiredness of having always
to stay awake and watch one's extremities and the Anasazi
that you thought spent their days tending gardens
and inventing games with corncobs in fact they had
a special delight in internal organs and bone marrow

of their neighbours and relatives even it turns out
Jesus when they discovered his grave—dude got half a child
sticking out his dead mouth seems he died from biting
off more than he could chew all holy guys get it the same way
either chugging on cock so hard they forget to breathe
or like Mohammed choked on a burger made of the brains
of a Jew neighbour he caught frying up his wife............yeah I guess
without Sky you know nothing all of you don't even see
the slavering nightmare that creeps upon you

even as we squeak now me I got myself prepared and oiled ready
for to offer myself spatchcocked whole to the history channel


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