Monday, December 28, 2009

quick the pirates are coming

the pirates the opirates swarm up from deeps
of sudden throat

one has three rows of teeth another
levitates from the mast foot hangs there over the ploughing ship
swells in a vicious solar flare exploding rains down
realigns at the poop then seastates forth big and menace

these pirates all of them in a wrack language
advance with cutlasses to where we are hollowed
heads out in our fearful caboozes

what is it with you pirates we ask

they shimmer then as though a startle had come across
we go with that
flinging turtle shells we rock-oxen swinge
the pirates in lurks there at the tabernacle they oyster out threats

we gather in like fry we eat up good all phosphorus and wave top

again the pirates have come up the thwarts
squidflooding their mouths at us

all the Last Day to come again in pink neptune arrays
you could bask in

reading wet books
till forever cracks


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