Monday, February 18, 2008

plighted the fieldmask encrypt

They came on in the same old way,
and we stopped them in the same old way - Arthur Wellesley

on in the same old way we stopped this fall
of them and through the hearing [heart] wrink
of it now folded with very fear doesn't above all

shrink unto ever the wastes that so sing
ringèd brinks at the short slight doorways of frost—O
we confess shy of masonry shaven to shortcoming

of seasons of lack and ill-lustre how, ink, eek
we have state in the blank seas' moods where
time and tide shear upon our every waking sheek

will shove like all animals a heart yet all it
vergeth all confunded all in late grass love of
beneath all thinks where all lies stopt sunlit

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sunlight green

white shadows of frost
paint rooftops on the field—
sunlight green above

Saturday, February 16, 2008

lilac disonnet

midst of tilt her bright
fixes an azimuth of night
(will not now cry its last)
of arc—vectors of arousal
carouse here drunk as all
splashing in lunar shallows
:coil as spoons and hallows
—shadows rise as smoke together
on headlands breathing heather-

wind through clouds torn
deranged as lilac dawn

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Zen arrow frogs

they got the Gambinos finally
that scrub and vinland olive heart attack
gave me shudders as if what
somewhere out there snipers

wait for Saint Augustine

roads from Marseilles
to the channel divides us like
feelings that you thinking don't think even
that unstated passive aggressive

has poisoned my boys
I see them slip away like dead

lovers unreachable in slight titanics of silence

who now among the serried ranks
of angels will cry shit your hair so dreadful

has grown
ugly and full of frogs so tiny
phyllobates as all hell froze eggs
of deep resonant night

dip your arrows here in my back

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

slick of black flags

evidently supertuesday and not one solid pancake
to enliven a notification of aquifers in

the corner a capsized toilet brush holder leaks
faecal toxins bespeaking slovenliness and weak
ness of domestic intention week in week out so

to applaud failure O why such
that we have ever and roused suddenly
by fluttering no it won't dare say that

over the many dark islands the flags like lizards
ragged tissue of two hundred year old tortoises
but why not
we gather here hot hopping hipping hoo hoo at margins jump idiotic
crazed yes but not
foolish only seeking cooling

together under we throng submerged as sea-rats
rubbing up wrong ways
of current

Darwin knows of

finched alive in fire and squeak


Friday, February 01, 2008

dead insects crawling rhumb lines great circles of love - drarft

one more way of not dying

(you look up into distance
look down again upon far blue worlds choking Buddhas

scratch back up—erect of spin and now

at this moment of greatest pain you, you
you look upon wonders always

the mere shudder of your cheek
as you surrender to kisses
(jerking uneasy now from that mode to this like black electric
kettles switched)
excited suddenly with the force (all this etc how how lame)

flick of your dyed now hair leaking
down aisles of swinging I don't know
this running to where what it hurts again day-

light you have got bigger and your mouth
more strange to me than snowballs
is wide unwelcome windy and cold more challenge than the
easy crevice I knew once engulfed
in narcotics 8 minutes of care-

ful and specific stimulation won't do it now I find it
impossible now to tell
who is who what article we and
whose emptiness is this we lick my
beginning with

we are strangers at the mouth's meeting
stamping horses in dawn steaming unready
for the coming bit
surrender where the barrage breaks and lets and streams
all over the fields the walls the leaning batter and the closing

ritual of the mouth
unknown to us here now under this bulb of long life

yes like pyramids
here we gulf pale suns lone waking curtain