Monday, February 11, 2019


my date from an online location
just died without much explanation
face down in the soup
she glooped one last gloop
which rather fucked THAT expectation

Friday, February 08, 2019


I've had it with Brexit, with Trump's fucking wall, with Marine Le Pen, with troll-farms, with children drowning every day crossing the Mediterranean, with isolationist anti-immigration Alt-right neo-Fascism in all of its forms. The world is facing the biggest refugee crisis in history, due to runaway Anthropogenic Global Warming. The war in Darfur was caused entirely by global warming making traditional tribal lands unviable, causing mass migration into other territories, and consequently—warfare.
If I was a member of IS, I wouldn't bother filming myself in a black Batman outfit waving a flag from a tank turret, I'd be driving around the now-just-marginally-habitable Muslim areas of Africa explaining how global warming had been caused by the Kuffar in the industrialised areas of the world: those places that now—having totally fucked your eco-systems—are refusing to let you in. I would expect a few angry and committed recruits.
So I've had it with anything that looks like not allowing drowning people into 'our' lifeboats, just because we happened to find them first. I disagree with nationalism and nationhood in all of their forms.
So pretty soon now I am just gonna blow. I'm gonna find me a mad partner on a dating site, steal a car, and take off to France. In fact, I'm doing it today. I figure if we set off at twelve we can be in Paris by midnight, drinking Green Fairy and talking about art and revolution. In the small hours of the morning we will curl together drunkenly in a cheap hotel with the shutters open, to the strains of a distant accordion. Tomorrow we will write wild poems about throwing policemen into the Seine. Then we'll hit the road south to Marseilles, where we will become romantic dockland gangsters into leather jackets and Braquo.
Qui vient?