Saturday, August 22, 2015

Virginia Woolf speaking of words ...

... feeling herself carried along in the swirl of many things
—Virginia Woolf: Night and Day, 1919.

A recording of Adeline Virginia sounding rather High Victorian unmodified by Modernism, and her word-thinking evidently in like stasis. One would like to have asked what of structures then? What of houses or churches? Why are they not all caves or at most fashioned of sticks and turves? How unprogressive these Blooms! But one may hear the deep discarnadining sadness in the sea-caverns of her voice, may sense the urge already to retreat therein: her soul pockets filled with ponderous words, with the multitudinous Cs to which her voice ever sinks ... Her love grown heavy now: only four more years of life to be endured...

The only known extant recording of Virginia Woolf, 1937.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

full text of Pliny the Elder's natural history

et in arcadia ego

-;*> ; 

le berger traces his own shadow in the script not that of his companion
not that of his componionette

s*> :. 
this is not the birth of death or art 
clambering hegemony


c'est l'occupante Poussin et il dit que l'autre vie est aussi l'Arcadie

see XXXV 5, 15 "mais qui est elle?" La Justesse, pluk!