Thursday, September 03, 2009

sea-beams glitter

don't fuck around of course I've [i uv] felt it
on the roof in the rain naked *//[of goat husbandwidth devilfish]

alongside longsight secreted camera aliceaforethought

the neighbours watching the firemen the police shouting the priest
couldn't hear them at the time jump kid jump drink drive jump black


flag coming off as I did with a great slither
into Death
that with the warmth of history uploaded in squalls
exits the new language of ponds

looky here you have stormlight
crawling over the moment
you have the stone arch of the urge

you want the warmth I see
down the hall mother I don't want father

all of it runs/down over your face/face
and you sitting there giggling in the cafe

O she asked her for a fuck
but she said that was yuck
to do it in the park
when it was cold an dark

in the cafe you thin thing full of squawking rope
coughing out I would like to thank the academy
that schlucked you outta its soul so |]=] I could
love you love you unknown attenuate of the backdoorman

your stoop sweeping down walls of light
I get it fuck
how it might have been there over the water

skin rolling back growing new eyes
one asshole staring out pronouncing of +words

............squaredoff landscape ugh//?make it numeric I donts got to <>jump in the wild<> windhay no more
............with tha fuckfish

octodata agency will square you away

meep meep meep mop meep mop 2323(left leg in)

submarine rescue

field the killcard at last orders


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