Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want it to be earlier and then later

strange miracles of the world:

some interior Africa of the senses transported
it is 1870 within
the man with the toad in his mouth
sitting next to the woman
made of bricks
is unsure at this moment
whether it is more decorous
to drink on all fours
at the nearby waterhole
or to sip daintily from his own armpit
such are the complications of tradition
and sex politics
he conveys his uncertainty to the green giant
who answers only in prime numbers
upon whose advice he coughs up the large toad
and enters a new life as a hunter in the forest

you look strange, his friends tell him
more stray and feral by the day
it will soon be unlikely that we will invite you
to take syrups with us again

the man is unconcerned, even when the toad grows back
he feels he is on the right path

then a disaster overcomes him
his faculties are lost in some mucus
that floats down

at the last he thinks he sort of thinks
this at least is freedom
as he sinks he sort of sinks

his left bicep is found in a public pool
nearby are performing sharks
but no body is discovered in them
no one can prove anything

the whole bay seems to be full of secrets
you sense this from your room on the second floor
even through grey drapes of rain
but no one gasps enough
not enough to give anything away
the savage again the[]-oh christ this thing
of body easier at least with those animals
who have not gived birth several so forgiving
are they & all the while the tide
the mist the roll and slurry that it does

you what like just shot him when he needed help?
those guys oh those guys
what do we care really?

everywhere in the world is at war
far away I imagine what your mouth feels like


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