Tuesday, June 19, 2012

allowed by the awesome wells

given the relevant finances one might purchase a submarine

even if the purpose is unconnected to wildflowers
or the lifeclock it is likely that still
the transaction spillover involves both

radical fiscal reforms that are clearly needed

explain the effect inspired by the occupy

there is huge confusion: zero percent
they are much more likely

my question is that I was hugely with you

what of all this biology as externality?
what has gone wrong?
genitalia confer advantages as well as the awful
possibility of tearing pain when vaulting hedges
of hawthorn and wild plum.that's the kind of heroism.
it's not much fun.there are two countries.
one is all we have time for.as is indicated.

I am regulated capturing the nation
between the BBC and the British Library
did that really happen to us?

slash beauty for a brittle bone disease

television would change him forever
but he was born with a terrible illness

it would happen continually and for all sorts of reasons

like a child's toy
the awful boy
who denies all joy

[he always said]

.these if you were wondering
are the only positive network externalities
allowed by the awesome wells

see through the periscope the bush vetch
the tall meadow buttercup the forget me not the germander speedwell
the  broad-leaved willowherb the herb robert

may yours always be apparent and gradual
with small bones that die young
in that most of all may you love to laugh

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