Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the much longer low-lighted other end of love (for Sharon)

[i]may your mind be wide open
may your heart lead you on
borne by the wonderful[/i]
—Tim Booth

upon departures a drowned cat a huge purple lung
of a thing in the memory
the crying and gasping of all that

all its futures that tiny silent infant
strange now how strange, how distant to the heart
that despite
it is so much
will always

may your heart lead you on
may all your lights be stronger
hence undreamable, wild sometimes
may the woods unfold before

voices forever quaking, uncertain
now certainty has grasped
trust this only
that your heart again
is divided and sure

[of your two tiny giants]

unstoppable in its compass
unending, filled anyway

(may that same Eastenders Happy Mondays Dusty Miller
Stone Roses M62 Sunny Brow webuyanycar dot heart)

may it lead you
lead you always always on

so many brinks
which up to
yes, yes

all your lovely, your dreadful

shine on

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