Monday, July 30, 2012

Buddhism 88mm cannon

had it with that house
round the back
voodoo house blocking
out the sunset
found a Flugzeugabwehrkanone
88mm death machine on eBay
take your house to Oz
to Disneyland
to near Hell
1944 with provenance
gonna set up in the garden
take some time
then yeah get elevated
these things will do 90 degrees
take out a tank
you scattered all over the hill, still twitching in bits
man I love
this Buddhism

first the entire roof
comes off
like Stalingrad, like samadhi
I almost feel lifted
second the whole mid-section
any pets in there are running, burning
the shit raining down
after you
gonna take out the house next door
all of it just because it's bad

I am happy now, enlightened
in the garden
starting to understand
through the smoke
and the world rocks again


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