Sunday, July 22, 2012

a long rope

that greyness
grey thAT
the mallards and Canada
battleships.on Wednesday Brimham
tea at the cream at the dancing bear
red wall
halcyon days
rough wall
hatter's groove
samphire we ate from the farm shop
milk spilt in the car that now reeks
what about him erupting tomato soup
see if anything will clean that off

if you wanted
with children
salty they said, but nice
I will bring a long rope

the upstairs room
the slam
the decision for no locks
let him frolic

rain but let it
the elephant samphire salty as the Dead Sea
reeling with monsters
have you no doubt or imagination

it really is this time
for killing monsters
it really is not this time
for killing monsters

no, don't prescribe, don't ever
just ask


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