Sunday, July 01, 2012

just not at all uvious

1. I wouldn't do it anyway.


hotel this works
there's a business here everyone says
Batman the Bat Man small red wine stains
like shatters of time set down
little haha diaries and the rain the red rain slowmo

2. this took

years really, as though just
imagine this page opened up like a body
pulled back, maybe for the first time a foreskin
a vagina pulled apart welcoming or porn
then more a blood eagle really
bloodenflance, blod, bled
Carrollers and wassailers, flowers
freaking through the capitols
slow, this took

3. hours of blood

that filched or eked or neither
nicked through the cant of nabs and cops, escop
eek, Dick-ens but earlier the poverty, the overty
shit Nedward Kelly-wise they said the land was
an enemy, a hard father full of curses
nothing not even you
would grow

4. to be put right

sleep. Italy. this has nothing to do.sleep
i wish.everything covered in ash.even the dogbites.the frantics
this then one's self-curse, to be fucked in the mouth
ashed up in covertures always, awoken years
naked dead.looking out always frozen encased

forever by that moment
toward the freaking sea

I wouldn't do it anyway
but all down the vagrant slant of the Pennine Eiger
I love you I love you
that should blow it

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