Sunday, July 01, 2012

I am over your pain (love song heard across the rainy allotments)


I'm not sure what the problem is

(I quickly got over your pain
and wanted to move on)

and the moon

well the moon nothing that should just be poetry but on this occasion a rat jumps out
rappels down a gossamer line with a kind of look

sleeper-rat he sets up beneath your bed
to wait
sharpening his look until
the call
the wide morning clarion halcyon kingfisher tangerine
drug in by cats at night

as anyone knows a rat is the sequel
of a cat
the problem has always been that rats


by the rules

whereas those others
those othermothers
you amongst them
seeking to unrap the slick the goss the flick
have no regard
for anything without a face I mean a looking-face
on your ick-plate

that sounds like it means some

it means anything
the heights are jumping on you
brown-eyed, so slow
transistor the rainbows walk

behind the stated do you
we used
at that far off time
to speak off-peak

my spaces were bigger then, whiter
filled with better words in waiting

my rats cleaner and fuller
more determined
coming down harder and heavier
with wings
each with a little hammer
each shouting secretly

yes (no)

sorry, breaking up.will txt


I'm just not sure what the problem is

no, I am
I am sure
it's this


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