Friday, July 20, 2012

power-corporation lectures hash 1

they have no soul to save and no body to incarcerate—Baron Thurlow
let's look at it from a different point of view—Noam Chomsky

we always did this kind of stuff
ten thousandths of a second towards the first step
you little slut did you know nothing?—the petroleum molecule, Chambers 1983
say, a pesticide, two benzene molecules, some chlorine
pardon our dust
how is one supposed to feel in the face
of how you gave yourself and keep giving
industry is largely responsible

but the soul erupts
cows who had been given POSILAC
—for both cows and humans—
oh you just wanted His power and couldn't resist
you looked at him and felt yes
we know that people
[are contributing
we see a lot of conflict]
one is unused to such partners

who had partners
to whom they relinquished such power
sprayed over their fields
in little rainbows of night
now it's either year zero or nothing

and all the dread of that
it's like getting in with some dys-family
in a house with indeterminate shit on the lawn
beer cans crushed on the stairs
windows broken in, children out of control
bad music too loud everywhere

all the lights always on
ex-people hovering with their power
[of course as a consumer
why should one take any risk at all?]
tents have been raised over the bodies in the garden
but no one is investigating

they will lie there tented until they rot
become part of the garden
for no one here dares shout stop
everything is wrong and was always wrong
yes it rains there always and the road-surfaces
slide off
but that is nothing other than the wrongness coming down
anyone involved was fooling itself to feel good
male power like this
is someone giving it away as abject betrayal
for nothing other than betrayal was forcing it
at some point we all have to
take it upon ourselves to go and look
beneath the sheets
and say no, just no
this thing is rotten

but they will take it over and over
in the ass
will offer up their children
being mindless of how to proceed
in the faces of such dismissive gods

don't ever call, not ever, from a world like that

Monsanto settled out of court
paid $83 million
never admitted guilt

perhaps 30 million other species

generations unborn

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