Monday, July 16, 2012

any of these projects B2rady (at busy times)

w2here's the money going to come from?

a decade/clarity/six minutes/application rejected
he joins us go ahea2d
our head of studie2s
discount any experience
the whole point was made very explicit
for imagination to work
the fight within
was given and once again
believe me and the weather

40 days of m2ixed weather ahead
eastern on a dry note
what is a dry note?
E flat is a dry note
oh yeah
overnight tomorrow
sunshine details inside
who puts up a struggle

do you h2ave a right?
at nine

in three underground oil tanks
it's seven
infrastructure is read by Susan
at the earliest

electrifying the m2idland

[but why?]
is E flat dry?
after harpsichords?


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