Tuesday, February 15, 2011

use this to make dogs love you

please say ack ack ack to the folks that I knew

we'll meet again
outside the rainhouse he showers in floods
things ain't what they be perfect
you is animals
watch this collapse he went he went no oh no

would you read it to me again please
divide it by a migraine I am gonna get it right
light interrupted by a kid with an axe
it's got to be like the faint snarl
of a cock failing in the snow ha rough as
at the last calling

those spiders down the neck
she felt those damn crowds inside and out
as she whirled
her dresses falling from her
everything gone now all logic and time
face up in the ice and mud her eyes still open
but flooded suddenly with the exact opposite
of nausea
her hair is a barn full of new hay on fire
the rain does not reach the ground

what a time we live in


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