Monday, February 07, 2011

the anarchic apples of the future

I am almost sure that an invisible man
keeps entering my house
I hear him ascending the stairs
I almost see him standing there
saying nothing
just standing looking
again and again I turn, startled
by his presence
he looks and then walks back down
sometimes I follow him with my gun
so distressed I want to kill him
but he is always already gone
I hear the door closing before I get there
out on the street nothing in any direction
I blast it off anyway
just in case
I stand there shooting
and the sky goes into negative
my hat falls off
I fall back against the wall gasping
one day they'll come and get me for this
bullets bounce everywhere with that crack and zip
the neighbours are already alarmed
they look at me under their umbrellas
the cops will come and drag me out of this hole
in the garden
they won't believe a word about the invisible guy
I wonder if he will follow me
to that other place
sit there laughing
while the tide rolls in and out
while the fruit drops off the trees
for now I am going to laugh
all day till I am sick
there's never been a world like this
with fruit dropping all around
invisible men with heads of light
everything's got weird
I love it
my plane has just dropped out of the sky
at the exact moment you read this
it is making a huge hole in the sea
and everywhere wide-eyed fish have started up
hooting and flapping
I can hardly believe it myself


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