Monday, February 28, 2011

Eggs of The Augusta

studies suggest that two thirds of us would like
to have them out

with a blow to the head
—the process is called soil-liquefaction—it is
the fear that a man might come
(in the washed-out smear
of a rear projection) and the foreground faces unaware
of the rising event cone in the glass (or that he might shout)

(just twenty thousand Italians)

(all again point to the strokes) (but before any of that
the ongoing)
a catastrophic bubblejet sent up
every day and never getting it
all those things are valued there

it takes quite a lot to stand up now
(why did I do that)

in the tilting moment
observe the rats and scorpions
those frogs that freeze and thaw
something underground that doesn't burst
before Vesuvius the aqueducts clogged with sulphurous stench

that made the people think

of flatulent water gods
before any of that

the ongoing catastrophe in Christchurch

(delusional and unfit to lead his bloody
grip on power—it is not spelled out)

why I did that:
two thirds of us wanted them out
of panic.with a the head
and that then was called/the liquefaction/the cone
the cata-strophe delusional and unfit
(there's the complexity of making sure)

before any of that it is not spelled out

at any moment 23% of all people are already dead

you others have a few minutes left
twirling your umbrellas
before you have to come in


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