Sunday, February 06, 2011

later, a raccoon

imagine this wild shit then

you and your brother in the trees, how you howl and squawk
then a tiger runs up and grabs you
all around the waist your svelte waist
got you good bro
shit that hurts
rips you up and eats your lungs haha
eats everything
except your ass
leaves it there in the woods

later a raccoon finds it

checks it out

nah, not having that he thinks and walks on

the tiger leaps from behind a tree
whoomph yeah it thinks
nice little raccoon
shluck it down

do these things live on the same continent?
don't be stupid

at this point a cow drops out of a plane
kind of kills the moment
one of the squashed fishermen in the forest
Christ knows why he was there
walking through the woods with a butterfish net
stuck now under a cow squealing most loudly
says oh I am squashed only my head works now
imagine that head of a Japanese fisherman wailing out
but this ain't Okinawa 1944
any more
are you sure?
a tiger still nearby
working forever
in the rain
fishing midnight fuck
no nets nowhere
just a pink rain falling like ice like death juice
like heavy shit that turns you into ripped-up fossil

imagine that eh?


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