Saturday, February 05, 2011

jack black tar hitting again and again

if I had ever known my father I would like
to have embraced him
before sticking a gun in his mouth

I think anchovies can't jump, but I don't know for sure

whaT Fascists aRE THEse who have no interest in foreign food?

the third rabbit came out reluctant as a rotten tooth

I am not here he cried

imagine it down there full of anchovies and teeth

sussuration, one has to abandon hope and sussurate
this is religion in 2031
or anyway the Singularity or after
where the hares run wild

have you seen this at dusk those hares
they are fearful things
at which to marvel again
as they fall like stars over the sprinkling hills
did you ever see such a thing as this?

I, robotic and crippled a little, am now a gog

I have fallen off your wall

help me please my ears are so long

I wants to eat you


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