Wednesday, February 02, 2011


today I don't feel you out there like you are a book that fell from the hand of a sleeper you and the story lights out—Brer Rabbit

look I said at this hole before us
see how it steams and writhes
oh that hole she said
and fell right in
who wouldn't leave her there to boil away
a little moved by the fleshless grin
she adopted at the last
but busy with forthcoming memories of the séance?

near Chamonix in dreams we traverse
soft the murder glass delineal amphorae age on ape upon neckless fritter

I always like to drink weird drinks on holidays like that, like things I've vaguely heard of but never tried.the sea in Kenya was above blood temperature in the shallows.was uncomfortable until you went further out.don't get eaten by a shark. Jacques Cousteau recommends in the event of shark encounter that you swim towards it shouting and punch it right on the fuckingsnout.this larns em every time.

these strangled stories cut at the neck—
between the release of press... and the imp... don't say everything don't

fairies are accreting/forming/ing form/of/like calcite of statues/faceblock face
in the sunlight the underground light
bad day at blue rook.bayonet.lay out the drogue/father.a bientot
I am not comfortable with this will you please leave

my god she says you have hair and here I am also with hair
this advanced degree of synchronicity must be a past life thing
black/white/black/white dunk no colours on a keyboard

the mass of one fairy haha

our liquid lost footfalls all down the murder glass kisses are not lost things they return at night to settle about the lips like bats jostling and squeaking before sleep in the cave of your titanic head oh god haha haha

I am not uncomfortable with this
will you please grow like grapes?


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