Monday, April 23, 2012

splash of the eager beaver

Thatte mediaeval Bestiary says of the Beaver
that when pursued for his Orchids
he will tear off them (off) with his owne Teeth
then raising a hind-leg to reveal to the Hunter
that nothing is now there (now) to be taken

So, in like wise, it says, good Christians should tear out
alle Sinne in such order that the Devil, when he cometh upon them,
should espy nothing there upon which to affixe his Talons & Claws

In these latter and later Dayes and/or/and indeed alle Dayes
it ith likewise recommended [and as indeed is the common practisse)
thatte these same Goode Christians
should tear away all Semblance of Reason or Independence
against the Possibility that some Scyentyst or other Oaf
might then yet assail them with impious query
whereupon, finding there nothing but only Nonsense
on which to alight,

So confounded, he will, perforce, Turn awaye
to other Prey

The Beaver that Beaver and all his Ilke
so languish in long-lulling Lakes of Sylk


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