Friday, April 06, 2012

if we speak a sliding of several tissues

cunnilingual mother of us all tongue-sea ling and grey-ling
the ing of fambly your lost glottis frots the wet frottage
bright then the thane-thought of Thetis
the blood-blade the blind
of all suss astrike the sibilant
][your language though strident is awry][ should we
adopt with teenage glee your romantice? Marvel comic you macackle
what science do we have, sentient heart? oh god yes/no
slave-religion regurgitate, confess, out now the swirl
octo-pus that's it all like that

no fuss or muss, face that staunched
with fire the fection a or in or con
the flick keeps up the flick the schnorkel
the men with busted ear-drums the whole shack
shimmies five fathoms down five fathoms more
two minutes past the glass
I fall on my ass
O Saxifrass
river delta
light behind light
veins in the hand of the father
all of you vascular as unwanted erection
my language my language swells in these wells

there's nothing that eyesore


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