Wednesday, April 18, 2012

out of all the orange-copper reservoirs

Lily Cove 1906 falling from that balloon over Haworth Moor
the puff and heave such a day of all summers for the heather

elocution and pneumatica.captain general oh always Lily and her
encarted Billy what do you think when falling a shopping list flashes

by a future TV a space-craft there is a tearing sensation you
want to close your eyes every muscle Reiched up for the zero

down at Kildwick they spat and coughed the witches out out
on the running-moor the Hitching Stone drilled down such

unknowing all along the empty canal that night in wisps they
spoke of it.who there would grow beards?who would any more

punt as though mortal?up came he in new motor cars 1000
years on and still falling still nothing the curl and wave of one's

hair now extreme the falling jut of breasts over the endless moor
how indeed he looked couldn't help himself over the table-land

how high how wide and high how in all this white tumbling space
look now look mama the reservoirs below the quiet below

up from the old East End I have unearthed to here like a owl
a owl with yellow eyes made up on a fence my love down I go

Lily, he cried, deep in his hearth, as she hit deep-broken, living
only for a few minutes her beats and hove the Lily Cove


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