Thursday, April 05, 2012

days out at the reach

overnight the drifts suddenly something
(I had never seen madmen)
I gave her the part right away
Michael got a slot in the paper this year

but he may be too kind
we could have excavated igloos or igloox
as dogs remembering the last Spring
the levers I was born with from a mother's splitting head

armoured and aching drink this chill white/yellow weed
from the dry stones up Station Road but only
if bitterness is no signifier it is a roux a mulch
of pigment in the blood dropper and this

a gutter a thing that guts all dried and glut and thick and stiff
the red and purple the wine-dark the dream and drear
of that returning season/saison/sastrugi carved near dawn
by the corn people from Space

suddenly confronted by the Space Ace
shining from the time machine they leave holes
where he fells them each the birth canal
of a snow tree a post a nested bird of clay and light

did I tell you how I stepped
on a grouse that squirmed briefly beneath my boot
then took flight dripping with rainbows
shining and the wind stiffening the clamour

how how baby, they yammer
through the intakes and royds
lodge as featherflesh
in the walls and voids

"telekinesis involves movement, you dummy"—Unquote


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