Monday, April 09, 2012

now the slow domestication of wolfdogs

Kofee Annan (sp?) says well all this killing in Syria it is unacceptable
I couldn't have put it better but more importantly the role of the horse
has changed profoundly in the last hundred years
from draught to personal leisure
by which one implies no deviancy
but merely indicates the Sunday Riding
or the 'pettification' in American neologism
—anyway yeah yeah with all of that
it seems that horses are getting fat

one knew of course of the deepfried marsbars
and the intravenous dripping
but had not suspected it had crept so far
as the noble charger I myself
in my most equestrian moments feel a little fat
about the haunches but
it would be foolish to distinguish at this tick
of history between dogs and horses
both being fervently and undeniably now

of the same breed and elevation
the largest indeed-dog yet encountered
measuring 19 sure hands from the scuff
to the sahasrara chakra where dogness
fully resides so from this and the further
fifteen fathoms below it can be seen
that a dog is fully compliant to register
as a horse or ambassador if he/she should
so wish meanwhile the artillery but enough of that

Rosebud, no I don't mean that
I mean does Claudia Cardinale ever get that dog-opera bath
back there in Paris 1968?


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