Tuesday, December 30, 2014

all the way out

such a thing has come upon me now
where even the rainfall appears slanted
and uneven

missus in the rain oh stop it
with your wild birds

for it is even enough of the hooting

of disaster like they are Tarot birds
that will not stop

even when the water reaches
out and up to

such a thing such a collapsing thing
no, it is love, so please
continue though it breaks and storms
though everything
though the rain breaks the windows
it is only our hearts that resist
fear fear fear
all its devices
but all our hearts here are wild hearts
and will not stop

their little engines
of dread

is this your stuff I found
along the path, discarded
on the way to the door?
did you walk naked
to this midnight?

hoot now
as never before
hoot as though your mere heart



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