Sunday, December 07, 2014

les ombres de la rue/some riffs of Edith/La Mome Piaf

it was these appropriations which first enabled
her covetousness of the skin and at 05:30 in Easter
she separated from her father and took a room

Edith deducted from frequenting of prostitutes
in the brothel of her grandmother. her
weakness towards men. imagine her miracles
of blindness fooled only by folklore for yes

it was a thing that started and darted a small thing
that shone and did not shine all the while the sound
of water a hubbub and blub and through the hot hotel

as if in a confined hot water tank an angel
of limitation had careered and crashed
found itself reborn in froth all down the street

the singing street with its verve and violence
and was and was not and was again
while all the while even in its smallness/ugliness

what anyway can men know of this?

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